What’s A Few More Mistakes To Add To My List on Monday?


Heloooooooooooo friends, So right from the starting gate, the year is certainly not turning out as I expected. Although I am not completely comfortable at this time to reveal too much. Let’s just say it involves, a certain strong -willed girl, school, choices, decisions, fears, doubts, options, insecurities and lots of opinions of others from many walks of life. One thing remains true…although I may not have all the answers (and I do get slightly annoyed by those who think they have them all), I am confident the one who holds me in His palm HAS them, thank you very much. I do not know what tomorrow will bring and I will say this family has been on a roller coaster ride emotionally since September (with a jump-start that happened in @ May of last year). I remember hearing a Pastor teach that there is always (at least) one thing you may not know about a person or situation which would be THE key puzzle piece you need to complete the puzzle…or judge accurately that which you perceive. But you DO NOT have that piece- only God sees ALL the pieces. Let’s be careful with our words, conclusions and quick fix advice. There may be more to the picture than meets the eye and we may not be able as we think to accurately judge a situation. But there is grace…and love that never fails. There are baskets of fruit we can offer those going through difficult times. Instead of those boxes of criticisms, judgments and inaccurate conclusions packaged prettily with pride and prejudice, then handed over with a smug smile. Ouch!

I promise to share more as appropriate and once there is clarity in the situation. OK?
If you want to pray that for us, I would be grateful.

In the meantime lets have some fun, it is MONDAY after all!

My Girl and I had a little Art Project going on this weekend.
We decorated clipboards using collage with random favorite clippings. 
In progress…almost done here.
It felt good to create something! Hooray for us!


Announcing the “My Husband is Awesome” Link up– PLEASE Join me to link up all of the reasons our Hubby’s are awesome February 3rd-13th! Write up a post and come link up to celebrate our men! Honestly  I do this because I know I am guilty of not appreciating my hubby as much as he deserves, so let’s join together in an exercise of honoring our hubs and God by focusing on the many wonderful attributes we take for granted daily and sing out the praises of our great guys and faithful God for providing them! I will put the link up at 12 AM on Sunday, February 3rd. I will choose one of the linked Husband posts to be shared on my blog in full as a special Valentine feature. Does that sound fabulous to you? It can be short and sweet, lengthy, in letter form to him, or a few points or bullets, sappy, silly, dry or poignant! I promise this exercise will be a wonderful gift to your hub, yourself and God!
See my first “My Husband Is Awesome” post  HERE. The Remix HERE
*Oh and can you pass this Link Up info along to others so many might join us in our celebration? Share it anyway you see fit! Facebook, Twitter etc. 
Thanks in advance for your support!
You still have time to make your HUBBY a cute Valentine’s Day Gift like this Love Album I made a few years back. It really is easy and fast. You can make a simple version- really you can do it! 

Catching up on Book Reviews! 

Reviewed this excellent book by Ruth Myers and I have to say with conviction: Please do yourself a favor, Grow with God and read it. You will not regret it. This is one of those books you will re-read and recommend to all of your friends, and they’ll tell two friend, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on and so on. Oh sorry, commercial FLASHBACK!

Finished (FINALLY) Lifted By Angels. Read the Review. I will say this, it packs an awful lot of history into seven chapters. Seriously has me looking over my shoulder. (smile)
Counting Gifts To 1000…

371. Peace in the morning
372. Peace to my core
373. Peace even while approaching the rockiest shore
374. Knowing that though the ship may rock, be battered, tossed and smashed, sunk to the bottom of the sea…He IS there. Always faithful.
375. The words that he brought to my mind…even when others (Christians) fail, I (God) will prevail. 
376. That mistakes, if bringing us CLOSER to the truth of His good and perfect will, though painful to endure, ultimately serve His purposes. 
This will be my Mantra forever:
Even when Christians fail, God still prevails.
He is Faithful.
His will will be done.
Nothing and No One. Can Stop. Our. Great. God.
My eyes, remain fixed on Heaven, my feet still walk these dusty roads and in the end I will see Him face to face, for His mercy endures forever. Great is His faithfulness. 
Keep your eyes skyward friends, He is coming soon…
but until then keep on serving, loving and living, His sees you. He sees me. His eyes are on us, His little flock. 

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9 thoughts on “What’s A Few More Mistakes To Add To My List on Monday?

  1. Praying! I love the clipboards. Who would have thought they could go from boring to lovely just like that. Looks like you have some great things coming up on the blog!


  2. I am commenting tonight with favorite old hymn verses: “Earthly friends may prove untrue, Doubts and fears assail; One still loves and cares for you, One who WILL NOT FAIL! Jesus never fails, Jesus never fails. Heaven and earth may pass away, but Jesus never fails.” Arthur A. Luther, 1891-1960. JESUS NEVER FAILS. When we feel like others don't understand, and perhaps they are unwittingly standing in judgment in areas that they do not comprehend, just remember that One Who always loves and cares for you, One Who WILL NOT FAIL! No matter what the test.Praying for you and your family tonight. May Christ's peace be your peace. Amen.


  3. Thank you for sharing about the Key piece in someone's life or situation. I need that reminder. I pray that He will give you the key to your present situation, and if He does not, you will rest in knowing that He is holding it for His own reason and will get you through this with His wisdom and love. Blessings!


  4. I'll be praying for you. You may feel down but your post is full if encouraging words that anyone would like to read. Best wishes to your family! Nikkirushedmommy.com


  5. Dawn,I have really been enjoying this Monday series you've been writing and appreciate your transparency!I almost featured that workspace photo at today's Inspire Me Monday but in the end, couldn't decide if it was you or your daughter, and didn't want to risk putting your daughter up on my blog without permission.Your pastor is wise. I hope that the week ahead holds many blessings for you. As always, thanks for inspiring me!Create With Joyhttp://create-with-joy.com


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