My Sweet Girl (5 Minute Friday-Cherished)

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways…
Psalm 91:11
I dropped you off today. A new fresh start for you. Mid year and I can’t help but wonder how it will all turn out. My sweet girl, I left you alone with a thousand strangers today and I am clinging to the hope that God hears this mother’s prayers. That you would find favor with those you don’t know yet, and who don’t know you. That grace would find you at this new school, in this new place. I told God this morning that I would turn my “concerns” to prayers and not worries. But it’s only 9:20 Am and 2:35 PM seems like an eternity. How will I get through wondering how you are getting through? But this I wish you knew right now, wish I could whisper it right into your day…am now whispering. My sweet girl you are cherished, you are loved. You are precious in His sight.  And He is with you…and I have prayed his angels escort you on this day and a million interventions are drifting heavenward. 
 You hem me in–behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me.
Psalm 139:5

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28 thoughts on “My Sweet Girl (5 Minute Friday-Cherished)

  1. Beautiful post. I can only imagine the difficulty in leaving your child now a days. I know how cherished they are. Even at 30 mine is cherished! Your post was very special and brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for sharing this. Have a wonderful day. Sherry


  2. I have seen these words answered a thousand times in a dozen languages and am always awed by the power of them. They light up the darkness and remind me that this day–this very new and (to you) dark day–heaven is involved in the life of your daughter. Interrupting what might harm her, overwhelming those who might do damage to her in lasting ways. And He's with you as you wait. As the Word says, “may the Lord watch between you while you are separated one from another.” IE, Maranatha.


  3. Wow. This brought tears to my eyes. Your one word for 2013, “Release”…yeah, that's what parenting is all about…and it's one of the most difficult parts we have to endure and learn, again and again and again. My kids are 41, 40, and 35…and I am still learning how to release over and over again. Prayers and hugs to you and your precious daughter today. May God bring peace and joy to your heart in the process…learning to trust as she learns to fly.


  4. So beautiful, Dawn! Would you believe that these two verses were in my head early this morning, L-O-N-G before I read your post? OF COURSE you would, BBFF!!! ❤ And….this came along at the perfect time. My Kat is going for behind-the-wheel on Tuesday and then…The Permit. These two verses will be my prayers for her…and me, of the ever graying hair.Well done, sweet sister!Pam


  5. The first time we dropped our boys (then 4 and 3) off at Head Start was much harder on me than on them. I made it out of the room in restraint but almost had to hold onto hubby's arm to make it to the car.I guess it won't be all that long now (they are 16 and 15) until they leave the nest altogether to start their own households and families. I'd like to think I've learned something in the ensuing years…most likely that it's not going to be any easier this time around. *sigh*


  6. The bittersweet lessons of parenthood. Beautiful post- the love radiates from it, both for your daughter and for God. Here from the showcase once again, and once again engulfing your writing. BB2U


  7. After this weekends events, I am certain that whenever I come to your page I will see an answer from God. Psalms 91:11 ….yeah, that verse alone is something I should ponder when Monday starts. Hope and pray your little girl is doing well. 🙂 Heather


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