My Somewhat Secret, Slightly Selfish Christmas Wish List

My Somewhat Secret, Slightly Selfish, Christmas Wish List:

A Laptop

A Spa Day
A Camera
Job that fits me and that I fit, at hours that do not conflict with family time (no nights and weekends).
Focus to finish my current writing projects & goals and enough extra FOCUS to do the really Big One.

Perseverance to trust God in the face of adversity.
Faith to believe that which is not currently visible. 
Contentment within that is contagious to those who also need it. 
Grace for the moment that I might have a word in season.
Power to hold my tongue.
Courage to speak truth, but only when laced with love.
Clarity to see clearly what matters at any given moment to choose well.
Faithfulness in prayer.
Dedication to study daily the Word of God.
Discernment to prioritize according to His Good and Perfect will for me (Ephesians 2:8-10) and live accordingly.
Willingness to serve others as God leads.
Ability to say “no” when needed. 
Availability to yield at a moment’s notice to His Spirit, Voice and Instruction.
Heavenly perspective. 
In a nutshell, that I would be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.
That will be a tall order, for Mr. Clause- so I will just continue to lay that before my Lord and trust in the One who can and will deliver that miracle in His time.
Oh, and lots of SNOW cause I’m kinda dreaming of a white Christmas! 
What’s on your own somewhat secret, slightly selfish Christmas wish list?
(go ahead and say it three times fast!)
*Just a fun post to write, and a partridge in a pear tree…

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11 thoughts on “My Somewhat Secret, Slightly Selfish Christmas Wish List

  1. Dawn: I like your wish list. The sixteen items you spelled out are ours from Jesus. For me, I want a few things: HEALING for a friend and for myself. A CLOSER WALK with Jesus.REVIVAL for our nation. DISCERNMENT when I deal with others.


  2. That fit you talk about with a job is why I started driving a bus and why I keep driving…hard to find a part-time job with better hours or pay.


  3. Stacy, you rock. I could never drive a bus. Maybe monitor! I have always worked in a great field but feel God may be leading me in an unknown direction…I really give you a lot of credit and make it a point to pray for our Bus Drivers and monitors.


  4. Ok I was excited at the FB intro of a silly and fun post. This started out silly and wish-listy but then you go all serious again! “Discernment and courage' are not light-hearted things to ask Santa for. :)But good for you to have such lofty desires. Now my request for a new camera and a purse just sounds wrong. Haha! Sorry, now its my turn to feel snarky I guess. You know I love you and your big generous heart!


  5. I love this post. I have a few things on my secret list – an iPad Mini, 100 Gift Card for clothes shopping, Dinner for two with my hubby, a job for my hubby. I guess I have more than few.


  6. Dawn I love your post…very nicely done, but funny and serious. I would love, for Christmas, to know where God wants me to put my talents to use. I agree with all your spiritual wishes and want those too! I would also like our own place to live. My 'for me' list would include a spa day, Gorilla tripod for my camera and to win the lottery so I could give it all away to those who need it most. But seriously, God has so richly blessed me I feel silly asking for anything. 🙂 Love ya girl.


  7. I love your “grown-up Christmas wish list”. We could all use similar “gifts” this Christmas. I'll have to think about my list…my husband keeps asking, and I keep saying, my desires are too big for a Christmas list…”Thank you for helping me to focus on the important stuff, as always. Merry Christmas!!


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