Everything by Mary Demuth {Book Review}


What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus

By Mary DeMuth 
Published by Thomas Nelson

I applaud Mary Demuth’s candid and honest sharing in Everything: What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus. Although Mary has written a number of other books, this was the first time I read her writing. I felt as though I was sitting in the presence of a wonderfully honest sister in Christ who was not afraid to tell it as it is and boldly go in those places many fear to tread. 
Mary takes us through her own journey through discouragement leading us into understanding why that path is a place that ultimately brings joy and intimacy with the Lord when we allow it.
Mary asks us to consider our options in difficult times. We can turn to the Lord in our brokenness and pain, growing in intimacy and relationship with God or we can hang onto our  dismal position, growing in bitterness, anger and resentment toward God and others. She does not make light of trials but beckons us to lean into the One who longs us to lean hard on Himself. She advises us in three realms our head, heart and hands. In each of these parts of the book she tackles how we can best live out our faith instead of leaning on our own understanding. She directs us to the deep tenets of our own Christian view through questions for reflection and discussion. The goal is radical obedience and trust. Transformation by grace has never been an easy path. Challenging the easy, breezy gospel of success and  happily-ever-after with truth is what shines through in Everything. If you are ready to stop accepting the superficial Christian life and want to feel affirmed in God’s will for you as a real life believer, right now, then read on and be sharpened , friends. 
Practical and challenging.
If you are ready for Jesus to be your Everything, you are ready to read this book!
I received this book from Booksneeze for the purpose of review.
All opinions expressed are completely my own!

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5 thoughts on “Everything by Mary Demuth {Book Review}

  1. sounds like a great uplifting book…thanks for sharing…It is so easy to accept the notion that God is some pie in the sky genie sent to make our lives easy but the truth is He want to shape us and mold us into those worthy of carrying His character and spirit around!


  2. I have never heard of this author Dawn, but your review sounds intriguing – I'll be looking this book up.Something you said reminds me of an analogy I read a few years ago – that we so often treat God like a coke machine – we put in our money and expect Him to then give us what we want. I think I once believed that. I don't anymore.Thanks for this!


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