There’s No Place Like Home…on Monday!

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A week full of blessing and  lessons
while walking with the Savior!
My usual random Monday post.
So, grab your coffee or tea and I’ll catch you up!
Monday, I headed to Providence.
I had a visit with this lovely lady!
Sharon is the creator of Janes 
(patient examination gowns (superior to a “Johnny”) for women!
She is also one of the amazing women in my Inspiring Women series.
Click to read more about Sharon Linder and Janes!
Monday was a very special time visiting old friends
who are more like family. Sweet Sharon and I enjoyed
catching up but seeing her daughter Olivia was an additional blessing. I am still smiling
 at the memory of seeing her in a baby carrier with those big blue eyes and gorgeous
lashes blinking up at me many years ago and now the delightful young woman she is today.
Wow, I am getting old. Thanks, Olivia!
Banjo got the December spot in the Friends of the Exeter Animals Calendar
and sends a paw shake of thanks to all of you who voted as well as
 liked the page for this great local shelter.
We couldn’t be happier. We love our rescue puppy-
even though he did end up coming all the way from Arkansas!
We watched a couple of family movies this weekend. 
I love the slapstick silliness and craziness
of Home Alone- one of My Girl’s favorite since the early years. 
We wrapped up Sunday night with 
The Wizard of Oz and I realized I have not watched it in a long time! 
Of course, we made popcorn.
I went ahead and ordered Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s “God In The Manger”
after my friend Shanyn mentioned it in Facebook conversation!
I am looking forward to receiving it this week and will tell you all about it ASAP!
Hubs and I are guilty of sometimes taking one another for granted.
When this happens what I usually do is not make him coffee or lunch to remind him of how reliant he is on me. What he usually does is…um, nothing…or worse- he will do something I didn’t get to in the house in an attempt to help! Yeah that’s the point, I’m a jerk!
Seriously, we rarely fight but we also rarely get out.
So…we had ourselves a coffee date while our daughter and her friend saw a movie.
(It was a too many movies weekend in my opinion).
It gave us a chance to talk and for fun I said let’s make Christmas List’s of things we want IF we could have whatever we wanted. Even though we know that we will not get them but just to kind of see what comes out. He asked me to clarify. I said  the sky is the limit.
I had a couple of reasons for wanting to do this, of course.
One being, my hubs does not ask for much.
I wanted to give him permission to really have a go at it and also see what he might want that we could actually give him this year.Well, oddly I came up with things that he said were practical and possible but his list was more, well…less possible, but revealing as well. Most of my list things were the same old things that I always want…a journal is always on my list. But a house that “stays clean” made it’s way to a top spot.
Last but not least since it has been a too many movies weekend I have to tell you I am a BIG fan of the Lord of The Rings films and am looking forward to the release of The Hobbit!
Counting down to December 14th!
337. the surprise of my own audacity!
338. three praying moms, Jesus around us
339. Coffee date with my better half; the simple joy of 

the mundane planned somewhere else.
340. A turkey bought at 69 cents a pound-
 whoohoo for a giant sized bargain!

Rejoicing in His grace with a thankful heart
 all week and season long!
Join me?
Wishing you all a wonderful week full of thanksgivings!

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  1. Wow, you're a Lord of the Rings fan? Do tell! Never would have guessed. ROFL!!! You make Mondays more than bearable with your posts, my bloggy BFF. I so enjoyed today's, getting to catch up with you and yours. PLEASE do let us know about the Bonhoeffer book — I love his writings and this could be a book I would desire to read.Big ups to Banjo, give him a hug for me, won't you, friend?Much love,Pam


  2. I'm a huge LOTR fan to and I am also counting down to the release of The Hobbit – although I will probably catch it after it has opened, since I detest crowds!Happy Monday to you! :-)Create With Joy


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