My Life in 60 Seconds {The Return of Monday Posts}


Well it has been quite a month! 
Hang on to your hat and I will catch you up.
Sorry, but it will be more than a minute.
Go grab yourself a coffee, I have so much I want to share with you-
 Go, hurry up. Come on!
How about a ten minute chat  strong, long cup of conversation?
I’ll start…

Although I have been linking up to most of my regular places, during the month of October there were times I was unable to make all my usual rounds with the 31 Day Challenge hosted by The Nester over at 
 The Nesting Place. Pop on by if you missed it for some great reading. 
I do not know what possessed me to do it as I honestly was considering stepping back from blogging a bit to work on other writing projects BUT I ended up with this crazy idea of 31 Days of Faith Life Preservers…and wala! I was in. 

Top Five Posts of The 31 Day Series 
(based on views)
My sweet baby turned 12
on the 9th!

Seriously, her Dad made this sweet party cake for her and her friends
for the birthday celebration!
She had a surprise mini cake delivered from our lovely Pastor’s wife
and also a (Dadmade) Cherry Cheescake on the 9th. We are caked out!

The Pumpkin from start to finish!

Of course hubs roasted these and we ate them all up!

He is pretty amazing.

The last week of October blew me away,
seriously. The Hurricane blew in, blew a tree down in our front yard, took our power for a few days and then left us a heap of mess to clean up. I took pictures of the storm but they came out terrible.
I know full well how lucky I am.
How minimal in actuality the inconvenience and damage that we experienced.
So many are still dealing with the aftermath.
Praying for New Jersey, New York and also the devastated areas of coastline in my own area.
It seems so incredibly fast paced to me. 
Sandy came through like a freight train and people just want life to return to normal.
But some things will take time…as well as prayers and hands to help when possible.
 We squeezed in Halloween and still the Book Fair at school. 
Some families still did not have power throughout the week, including the poor teachers. 
But God has dealt mercifully with us.
My heart goes out for those who have more loss and damage.
These rocks on the sidewalk as well as the torn up parking lot
are remnants of Hurricane Sandy
Many hands make the work light…
Church team work and community action!
This Sunday our church joined in the town efforts to clean up the debris that overflowed from ocean to the nearby lake property. Sadly the fresh water lake was overtaken by the saltwater of the sea and much of the animal life has been negatively impacted. Fresh water and saltwater fish who cannot survive in the opposite water environment were left dead. So many things I did not even think about which are impacted by the storm. 

I also wanted to share with you all a really cool ebook 
I won (I love to win stuff) on a twitter party this weekend for the books release party!
 You might very well be interested in it too!
Reach by Laura Krokos and Angi Pratt
I loved the video below and was really excited to win a copy.

Oh and one more thing…
I shared some Really Big News yesterday:
I am very honored that I will be a Regular Contributor
at the excellent faith devotional site for women
5 Minutes for Faith.
I am grateful for God’s continual leading
in this writing endeavor and adventure!

My Multitudes continue…
324. safety through the storm
325. our neighbor helping remove the pine tree
326. Our humble, faithful Pastor and his wife who lead our church
with love and sweet example
327. The way God hints and gives glimpses into the future but beckons us to wait for Him and trust in His timing and leading perfectly
328. Progress not perfection
329. Musical opportunity for my girl at school from a wonderful music teacher, praising God for this hope and gift
330. This hubby and dad who works hard and still is willing to help at home and serve his family 
with love, patience and faithfulness

You are officially caught up with me-
Now tell me all about your month!

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  1. Congratulations on the devotional site appointment. My month pales in comparison to yours, but there's a reason for that. I am beginning a six week time of busyness.


  2. Dawn-It's been fun getting to “know” you through your blog and the 31 Day Challenge…I look forward to see what God has in store for you in November…look forward to the Random Journal Day this month…congrats on the book and the devotional writing spot 🙂 Glad you are safe!


  3. Wow you've been busy. I need to get caught up on your 31 Day posts. I have a 12yo daughter, who will be 13 all too soon! Have a blessed week.


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