The Detailer-The Adaptable Personal Organizer {Product Review}

The Detailer has interchangeable covers!
In the never ending quest of simplifying life and organizing the details which help us to do so, I am sharing with you, my friends, my most recent tool and companion, The Detailer Day Planner. I was very grateful when I received the Detailer in the mail from Gail Nygren the creator of this planning tool. Gail graciously sent me the planner with the Companion to get me started in exchange for an honest review. She also made herself available to coach me through e-mail and phone calls to make sure I was clear on getting the most out of my new planner. I am a big planner advocate and rely on mine to keep me organized with various commitments but also for managing contact and communication information- especially on the go. I am always ready to refresh myself and learn how to better manage myself with regard to maximizing my time and appreciated Gail’s passion for clarifying and patiently sharing a system she fully utilizes and believes in! 
Pictured here is my Detailer and Companion.

There are many features which make The Detailer an excellent partner for the woman on the go. First of all the lightweight, durable cover and potable size make it easy to carry along in a pocketbook or other bag. I appreciate the week view as that is how I tend to plan and look at my schedule. There is also a small month in view calendar included for planning and schedule perspective. Keeping contact information available and accessible when I need it is always a challenge. Gail has devised an excellent system  to help manage information on an ongoing basis. 

The weekly sheet view pictured with handy mini sheets
 which are are helpful for  prioritizing to-do’s or reminders.
The Notebook and Reference System includes three full sized sheets, grey, yellow and white to help organize information, lists and interests. At the back of each alphabetical index there is a clear
plastic filing pocket for storing tickets, coupons, receipts, etc.
Or if you are like me you can make a mini-scrapbook page! 

 I had to use one of the filing pockets to express my creativity!
I used it to scrapbook the Daily Bread picture and verse for Fall!
These are useful little pockets!
One of the features which is a great information management for Phone/Addresses option is the mini sheet system which allows you to easily organize the info in a way that makes sense to you. Name and Phone number is easy to see, additional information can be listed. The Companion allows you to store sheets which may be seasonally used or not needed on the go. 
A mini-sheet with address/phone/e-mail info
Plenty of room for birthdays, names of family members,
other info
Gail has some very helpful videos which explain how
 to implement this lovely planner at her website.
Be sure to stop by and visit!

2013 is just around the corner-Is it time for a new planner?
I will be featuring a Planning Series in the days ahead, as I share my attempt to  
simplify and order my days. 

You can find details on The Detailer at!

Pictured is my transferring ,setting up and personalizing
my Detailer in Mid August.

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