When Jesus Shows Up In Blue Jeans {Faith Life Preservers-Day 1}

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Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. 
Thomas Edison
He is standing on my front walkway after dropping my daughter off one Sunday afternoon. 
He is giving me a brief rundown of how all went with the Sunday yard cleaning at a local widow’s home; 
how all the kids helped, had fun and yes, even my girl was cooperative.
I am standing overflowing with gratitude, can’t quite describe how my heart swelled almost painfully that one day. Servant leadership is what one might technically call it, if one felt the need to be spiritually technical.  
But he does not deal in technicalities by my observation. 
Instead he lives them out, serving among his flock, unassuming. 
 He shows up in jeans on my doorstep. 
I see Jesus better because of him.
I hold this image in my head of him, my pastor.
 It is not the first time he served our family in a personal and powerful way.
 But it was one memory that is especially endearing to me.
Both my Pastor and his wife have been true 
Faith Life Preservers
 over the past few years as our family has lived,
 moved and had our being among our current congregation. 
I feel loved by God better because of their open arms and hearts 
toward our family.
Since October is Pastor/Clergy Appreciation month, 
 faith life preserving moment which included him seemed appropriate.
So take a moment today and remember your Pastor.
Thank God for him and his family and remember to pray for him.
Is there someone who has been a Faith Life Preserver in your life-
someone who shows up at the very time it is most significant to your
spiritual health and well being?

Ideas on How to Honor our Pastors

Gift Ideas:
Do NOT give your pastor a bible (unless s/he asks for one; s/he likely already has a whole bookcase full of bibles and songbooks)
A subscription to his/her favorite magazine
A gift certificate for his/her favorite restaurant
A gym / health club membership
a spa day or free massage
A date night (e.g. dinner/show) inclusive baby-sitting
A week-end getaway, fully paid
Artwork with engraving
Love offering
A new car =)

Joke gifts: 
A superman/woman cape (with Pastor’s Initials)
A watch with alarm (to keep sermons short)
A subscription to DesperatePreacher.com =)

Other ways to honor your pastor:
Submit to local press an article on how you appreciate your pastor
Grant him/her a sabbatical (1-12 month) for personal or professional pursuits
A certificate and/or plaque honoring their years of service
A huge card signed by everybody in the parish
A building / room named after the pastor (e.g. Miller chapel, Snyder Hall, Smith Library)
Life-time Pastor Emeritus status

324. Pastor John and Ruth- their example, love, laughter, humility, hospitality,
visible grace and graciousness.
325. the unseen way that God will make
326. Mary’s quick photo making button magic!
327. Sweet Jen showing up and making things better…or at least cleaner!
328. cash for old bedroom set- divine timing!
329. 20 minutes on a hidden park bench- quiet blissful moment
330. visit to new library
331. book browsing local bookstore
332. stacks of books that I trip over, sweetness!

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19 thoughts on “When Jesus Shows Up In Blue Jeans {Faith Life Preservers-Day 1}

  1. This is a great reminder to thank our pastors! They play such a huge role in our spiritual walks. Since my Lyme Disease treatment began, I have noticed that God brings strangers into my life to be my faith life preservers. It has been amazing how He brings encouragment through strangers at just the right time. He really knows what He is doing to keep me preserved! Thanks for sharing and be blessed! 🙂


  2. Way to go, Dawn! Wow, I applaud you for stepping up and taking this 31 day challenge. I agree that writing about your love of and appreciation for your pastor was a great way to kick it off. ❤


  3. Wonderful post. Pastors do so much for their flock, much more than most people ever know. I know, I have been married to a pastor for 43 years, and about 30 of those we served the Lord in the pastoral ministry. Most of our people will never the know the sacrifices made to be there. But God knows…He understands what it cost us…but the important thing is, WE know what it cost HIM to rescue us and put us in that place of service. All glory goes to God, but yes, thank your pastor (and his wife) for being there for you. And don't just thank them…invite them into your lives…into your homes, or out to dinner, or give them a gift of something really meaningful to them…a weekend away just the two of them…offer to babysit so they can get away occasionally. Encourage them to go to Pastor's retreats or other spiritual retreats, marriage retreats, whatever…or just a trip to the beach overnight. Something…to show them you recognize that they need to have time to rest, recuperate, and recreate. I think I need to go write this on my blog…I've got a lot to say on this subject, don't I? Sorry, didn't mean to take up so much space. But this was a great idea!


  4. Those pastor's that reach out to know your heart and your children's hearts – that is blessing, indeed!


  5. Dawn, oh, where would we be without those shepherd-leaders? I am especially excited to hear that there is such a godly man on Little Rhody's soil, leading and loving his flock in what I only knew as a very spiritually dark place. How good God is to supply you with spiritual sustenance by the sea 🙂


  6. I have heard many spiritual leaders comment on this area as especially rooted in darkness- but God is alive and well in Little Rhody, Lori- He has a great remnant here that is shining , growing and plowing the rough soil!


  7. Love that you are blessed with a good pastor. I am blessed with a wonderful pastor and pastor's wife as well. Thanks for bring the fact that October is Pastor appreciation month to my attention. Can't wait to read the rest of your series. Thanks for commenting on Simply Jesus. 🙂


  8. OH, we do love our Pastors. Thanks for this. I am so enjoying these 31 days posts. I wish I could join in but I know myself too well. Posting 31 consecutive days? Not gonna happen 🙂 but so glad you are doing it!


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