31 Days of Faith Life Preservers

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Well I have decided to take the plunge. 
I will be joining in with Nester over at Nesting Place for the first time for a 31 Day journey. 
I have chosen to go with that which God has given me when I first pondered the question after journeying over to her site upon Lisa-Jo’s stellar recommendation. 
After realizing that I had plenty I could focus on to benefit myself and others,
 I considered the fact that the timing is bad. I have been pondering blogging less, not more. 
Yet there it was. The call. The challenge. 
Short notice. As of late a somewhat shipwrecked faith. 
Struggling to stay afloat here in some very tumultuous waters.
 I slept on it. 
Or should I say, I slept. 
Today the first thought I had was that I need to do this for me. 
So often God uses these opportunities- even THIS as a Life Preserver for my own faith! 
So casting my fears and reservations aside, I am diving in. 
Because I believe God will use the next 31 Days to keep me afloat.
 I will tell you that last year I did a 31 Days of Thanksgiving Journey in November. 
That was a turning point for my blog writing. 
Once I started writing for the blog daily, 
I never really slowed down. 
The past two weeks have been especially challenging. 
I have considered pulling back. 
Drawing the anchor in and drifting.  
I have thought about being quiet over here at this little corner 
that God has allowed me to bloom. 
But I am trusting God has other plans. 
I find myself unable to refuse His gentle nudges. 
I am trusting He has something to say to me, and perhaps you, too
Will you join me? 
I am not sure where it will lead. 
I cannot predict His Spirit. 
But I can step out in faith. 
And dive right in. 
Starting Monday October 1!
Join me daily, sign up, visit. 
Because friends don’t let friends sink-
They keep each other afloat!

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31 Day Participants
Visit: The Nesting Place

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