The Injured Bird {Guest Post @ This Southern Girl’s Heart}

Photo: Mary Lynch
Would you please join me over at my sweet, Blog sister Ashley’s place
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It is early morning as I step out on the dewy grass in my slippers 
to fill the bird feeder in our back yard.
It is after all, a morning ritual. 
A daily reminder to me of His provision.
I usually put the coffee on, feed our family pets, 
then mosey on out with a pitcher of seed for our fine feathered friends outdoors. 
As I approach the feeder, the waiting birds scatter to the trees.
 I notice a tuft of feathers in the stones that surround our self made 
gathering place for the winged. 
I stand and the thought that I am gazing upon a dead bird enters my mind,
 arrow shooting sadness straight to the heart; 
but then I notice his head turning, strained with twisting, 
jerking to look up at me…
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