God Is Good {A Mom Moment} (RJD #20)

I have this Mom and Me Journal I started around the time my girl was born. There are some deeply moving sentiments in here from the early days of Motherhood. I am so glad I wrote these, although they were sporadic. They capture my emotions. The tenderness of new mom-ness still dripping from my heart and pen right onto the paper.

These are beautiful snippets and attempts at sharing scripture and my heart with my girl. I had planned on giving this to her when she was older. But I stopped around the time she was two, so I am not sure what I will do about it, yet. Perhaps for her 12th Birthday. Still unsure whether to add or embellish otherwise.
I also may share this in more detail in the future as a DIY project for new Moms. 
This was one of the shorter entries, and not devotional in nature.
I think it makes for a fun, light share for a smile today!
February 11, 2001

Here we are at church! 
“Auntie” Sandy bought you the beautiful
 purple dress and hat 
with shoes 
which you proceeded to kick off 
Actually on this blessed day “Auntie Sara” 
locked the keys in the car so we got to hang out in the chapel
a bit until Triple A came and unlocked us.
God is good- all the time!

A couple of notes:
*I am an only child but God has provided me with 
wonderful Sisters In Christ to fill in as Aunties.
*I was living far from my home church at the time and it was difficult 
to get there and back at times, 
so hanging out longer was a blessing indeed- more time for fellowship!
* God really is good all the time, Amen?
His ways are not our ways and that is good.

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Beholding Glory

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5 thoughts on “God Is Good {A Mom Moment} (RJD #20)

  1. Ah! And how old is your little girl today? I have to play catch up with my second baby and his little milestone momento blog. I will be able to after this weekend! Hope you are having a great weekend!


  2. Dawn: I love the picture of you and her. We have been blessed to have the Lord lead us through the vallies of early motherhood. I had some dear ladies who always gave me a kind word or some help when I needed it.


  3. Thanks for hosting the Random Journal Day! It was fun to thumb through a older journal and see how I have progressed with friends, journaling and adding doodles, sketches and now trying my hand at art journaling. I enjoyed hearing about your blessings from that day at church…God is good all the time…and a journal is great place to recall His goodness!


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