You Spin Me Round (Like A Record), Monday!

Welcome to Monday! I don’t know about you but my head is spinning just knowing that we are one week into  August! Rev your engines, because there is a lot more we want to squeeze into and out of Summer before the blissful (to me) days of Fall and Winter (my favorite!). 
So recapping the week, I was blessed to have time with sweet friends and Sisters in Christ who bring great joy wherever they shine. I guess you could say I was basking in the Sonshine! God truly has blessed me in this area, and I am so grateful for these precious ones. 
My friend Sandie (Chatty Crone) sent me this awhile back
and I thought I would share it with my sweet sisters as a reminder
that when we belong to Jesus we shine Sonshine into the lives of those around us.
That’s what this picture reminds me! 
I had a time with my dear friend, sun (Son) chaser & coffee partner Mary.
That was blissful, and just so relaxing.
My Girl and friend staying cool in the pool!
Mary and me with Prince Albert.

Earlier in the week I had some time with my sweet friend, Mel and her boys. I enjoyed  chasing down cute little Hermit Crabs with them. We also met up with a couple more sweet sisters in Christ and I will tell you this the day may have been cloudy
at the beach but we brought the SONSHINE with us, friends! 

I made a new sweet friend, named Owen and we went Rock hunting together.
I was a little nervous when his mom was intorduced and looked at me stating,
 “Oh I remember YOU, I took
one of your classes”.
When someone says, I took one of your classes as opposed to I used to take your class,
you know that you are in trouble!

Anyway, turns out that it was a class that was just a little more than she wanted at the time.
Phew. She forgave me anyway, and we had a nice time chatting the day away.

If you missed my Facebook shout out I am shouting out again because
I have to tell you that I loved this 40 day journey with Bonhoeffer
 so much I am doing it again! I know the first time I missed the beginning
 so I wanted to get every single one and I suggest
you do the same- you will not regret it!
Bible Gateway is sending out daily e-mails (free) and truly they are well written, thought provoking and wonderfully insightful. INFO and SIGN UP HERE!
You’re welcome! 😉

Hubby and I attended a beautiful family wedding.Don’t you just love a wedding?
Course this caused us to reminisce about our own.

The ceremony was beautiful.
But we missed the ring exchange,
 kiss and announcement
of the new couple due to photographers
who moved into the center aisle
completely blocking our view..
Please photo and video people, don’t do that.
The flowers at the reception were breathtaking!
Ashley empathizes with Mom over the laundry duties.
Thanks sweetie.
261.  friends who shine His light wherever they are 
262. cool places to go on hot days
263. friends in real life
264. friends in the bloggy world
265. His Kingdom unseen but ever growing
266. Olympic inspiration
267. my thoughtful hubby
268. pen and paper always available
269. riches untold
270. new mercies every morning, today being one

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5 thoughts on “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record), Monday!

  1. Thanks for the tip on the Bonhoeffer devotionals. I read some of his stuff for the first time last Fall when I was taking that seminary class on spiritual formation. LOVED it. So, I am signed up and looking forward to the daily insights. :)The times with your friends sound wonderful. I am trying not to covet that you are near the beach. 😉


  2. I am going to check out the Bonhoeffer devotionals. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Now whenever I'm missing ocean City I can come and listen to the ocean waves on your blog!!


  3. Oh, I do love everything about the devotions! Can't help you with the coveting part…sorry Stacy! Think of it as vicariously enjoying the beach through me. 😉 Hope that helps!


  4. We went to a wedding a couple weeks ago and the photographer was in the aisle when the bride walked down – between the groom and the bride. Tacky!!!! Enjoyed your post. 🙂


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