Mom’s Prayer Journal {Book Review & Encouragement}

 I bought the Mom’s Prayer Journal ( A Guided Prayer Journal) by Fern Nichols a couple of years ago. It was one of those books that I anticipated using, but wanted to wait for the right time. You see, although this book is mostly blank, there is room to write. This is both inviting and daunting. It remained beautiful and unmarked until this Summer. Summer is both a wonderful and challenging time. We relax and look forward to enjoying lives with a little less structure and a bit more freedom. But there is one who waits for us to let our guard down, get a bit too comfortable with our free and easy days, waiting for us to be too busy to pray, connect and commune with our True God and Guide. My desire was to be vigilant in prayer for my daughter and to keep myself in tip top prayer shape for my return to leading our Moms In Prayer Group in the Fall. I did not want to let my prayer life dwindle or let my faith get flabby this Summer! It’s not like we mean to, it’s just subtle how Summer can lull us into letting our guard down!
Well, whether you lead a Moms In Prayer group or not this guided journal is a wonderful way to focus on God’s Attributes and Character while prioritizing prayer for your precious child/children. When I first looked at it, I thought the actual amount of area allowed to hand write prayer would be too small but after having used it, I am satisfied that it gave me just enough room to write the prayers, but not so much that I was not guided gently towards clarifying my thoughts. 
What I love about the format is that it follows the Moms In Prayer flow of prayer, which means each page has a focus prompt and topic. The flow is Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving and Intercession. The prompt is aimed at focusing on one of God’s attributes or characteristics as a topic for prayer and scripture. 
As Fern Nichols says, 
“Planning is the key to success of a regular quiet time. 
Even if you can only get away for 10-15 minutes, 
God will use that time to refresh and inspire you.”

Some of the prompts for reflection include: 
God is Righteous, Jesus is the Beloved, God is Compassionate,
God is my Deliverer, God is Sovereign and God is my Helper. 
The goal is to draw you closer in intimacy with Jesus as you seek Him in this time.
I only wish that some of the scripture references were listed along with the topic presented for convenience.
However, one can topically search out scripture that support the theme for reflection.
Some Scripture and references are included but I would have liked 
to see more just as we have available in the Leaders Corner for Moms In Prayer. 
The way the journal is structured is a wonderful way for 
praying alone moms or prayer partners to pray for and also keep track of prayers.
I wanted to share a couple of helpful links below as well as encourage
 you to perhaps make your own 
Prayer Journal to see if it is useful to you. 
Sometimes it is good to explore different ways of
praying or adapting our quiet times. 
Making Your Own Prayer Journal
You could purchase any spiral notebook, blank book or even use ruled sheets to put in a binder.
You will have a page for Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving and Intercession (in a smaller size journal). With ruled Binder Size paper you might use one or maybe two sheets split up into 4 sections on a page or two sections using two pages.
Keep it simple. 
I think that is why I am enjoying this little journal so much, it is not too elaborate or complicated.
It gets me zoomed in on God through scripture and prayer.
It provides enough guidance without feeling too restrictive or overly formulated. 
Prayer Helps:
This list will help you focus on some key scriptures
 to meditate & base your prayers on.
A Cute Example:
Moms In Prayer:
Helpful Books:

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4 thoughts on “Mom’s Prayer Journal {Book Review & Encouragement}

  1. This is a wonderful idea. As I read this, I thought a journal with prayers for our husbands would also be something good to keep. Perhaps because I feel God is calling me to pray more for my own husband. Blessings,Joan


  2. What a wonderful idea. I wish I had one when my kids were younger, although I am still praying for them regularly. (And they always need my prayers!) So I guess it is never too late to start a “Mom's Prayer Journal”. I may just have to do that. Thank you for the idea. I'd love to re-read it someday and see that all my prayers were answered. I'm sure they will be, but perhaps not in the way I expected or hoped. But God's way…which is always the BEST way!


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