Summer Drive

Blue sky stretched open like 
a long anticipated invitation
trees line my drive
sunshine caressing branches of grace
that spill shadows
onto black tar
leading me
mind driving faster than the speed limit
open road
“It’s That Girl, Again”
Basia croons
and indeed I’m lifted
through the sun-roof
pondering a million thoughts
as wild and suicidal
as those birds
daring across four lanes of 60 mile an hour metal
and certain death
and I ponder how death 
can be merciful
at times
But why should things that fly die?
And who dares death on a day when sunlight brings 
effortless smiles and easy pleasantries
One hour and 40 minutes of driving
God is my passenger
or is He driving?
The only thing on my radar are questions…
like why should anything die without meaning?
How is it that car rides turn into philosophical journeys?
I’m all alone with Him and now
20 minutes of silent dialogue with The Creator of All 
and I wonder and pray
about the meaning of even this very moment
and realize 
it’s all fragile
like the spider’s web 
precariously made
torn down by morning
and the sun’s rays reveal destruction and hope
He rebuilds again
yet my heart aches and yearns beyond
this moment
this existence

I wonder if my own inner darkness will spill over like tree shadows…
I want to tear down my own web…
rebuild it
escape the darkness
of the unknown
another week of wondering if he will break
if she will turn
if love is faithful
when the cash is low, the tank dry and nowhere to turn
all darkness
and all feels squeezed
ribs closing in
can’t breathe
But still, returning
it’s good…

©Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith/Dawn Paoletta

…she welcomes bad weather, she remembers how life really is.
“She’s back, it’s that girl again
Saying, all is good and well
But why is she looking so pleased
After all that has happened?

And yet she has the time of her life
Forcing us to smile, to be kind and glad
To welcome bad weather
But we know better how life really is
She’s demanding too much

It’s that girl again preaching how to love
(That girl)
What’s more, she suffers fools gladly
God knows, why? And annoying us all
But has the time of her life”
Lyrics by Basia
Sharing and celebrating with dVerse Poets and Imperfect Prose

Published by enthusiasticallydawn

Dawn Paoletta is the author of Journaling for Discovery and Delight. Her writing is included in several anthologies and her poems have been included in the Wickford Poetry and Art Exhibit and Books. Dawn is currently working on her next book. Inquiries at

8 thoughts on “Summer Drive

  1. Love the style of your wandering thoughts. Even stepping back and looking at you poem, it has a nice shape. Lot's of good imagery hereI want to tear down my own web…rebuild itescape the darknessof the unknownNicely done!


  2. pondering a million thoughtsunconstrainedas wild and suicidalas those birdsdaring across four lanes of 60 mile an hour metaland certain that is some kinda thoughts….smiles….why do things die…hard question…i dont know that i would want to live forever…and i hope death not to be meaningless…i want to tear down my web…that is a tight stanza…


  3. The only thing on my radar are questions… like why should anything die without meaning?…had to re-read that a couple times. Very deep.


  4. driving is one of my favorite places to wander–thoughts ride along with me like I'm a chauffeur. I'm certain God has the wheel, 'cause I'm still alive. I enjoyed your picturesque journey as your mind ignored the speed limit.


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