Surviving Unfriendly Waters

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It happens suddenly without anticipation or it could have been planned. Change. You find yourself in an uncharted area or time of life, navigating waters that seem unfriendly and dangerous. Cold. You consider your journey. Perhaps you have moved to a new community, or switched jobs, churches, schools or states. Perhaps you have been in a painful divorce or other negative experience. You find yourself among people often, yet your closest friends and fellowship are far off. Difficult days these can be. So how can you maneuver these waters, safely and emerge on friendlier shores? Here are some tips to stay afloat when the raft you are on is a lonely one due to difficult, specific or seasonal circumstances in life.
1. Immerse yourself in Gods’ Word. If this seems too much, cling to a verse a day. 
2. Take A Walk. Outside. Get outside in the fresh air. Sunny, rainy, windy, snowy weather is secondary to the fact a few minutes outside puts you in instant connect with the Creator of it all. 
3. Acknowledge God’s constant presence by having a continual conversation with Him. He knows what you are thinking anyway, but speaking it out loud will increase your confidence and trust that He is truly present. (although if you are driving it makes you appear crazy). 
4. Pray continuously. Include prayers of praise, confession, thanksgiving and intercession. These are those bullet prayers that are part of the above conversation, yet unique and specific. Someone has asked for prayer while you are on Facebook or catching up on e-mail? Go ahead and pray immediately, giving thanks that we can approach His throne boldly and with full confidence that He is ready, able and willing to be actively involved with every aspect of our lives.
5. Stay connected somehow. God is faithful to provide what we need. I know God has given me some very close friends who pray regularly for me to glorify Him, regardless if I ask or not. Don’t be afraid to ask for prayer for yourself in difficult seasons. Sometimes Christians feel guilty and don’t want to admit they are struggling. This is the enemy’s strategy for getting sheep away from the safety of the flock. Prayers from grace-filled, loving believers will protect you during seasons where God may have you alone or when you are enduring consequences, trials and temptations. Remember if you are His, condemnation is not His plan for you! God has also provided friends in my life temporarily like ministering angels to remind me of His presence at times when others may not be able to be available. This all is from Him! 
We can rejoice and rest assured He will never leave or forsake us. 
Last but not least remember God is faithful. 
He cannot fail. 
He is Love and His mercies are new every morning.
 He is for you and not against you.
 He is an ever present help in times of trouble, 
to those who call upon His name in faith. 
Not giant sized faith either. 
He will accept your tiny mustard seed faith and increase it in His time. 
 “Little flock, do not be afraid. 
Your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.”
 Luke 12:32
This post is a guest post I originally wrote for “5 Minutes For Faith” back in March.
I saw this picture and thought it was a perfect match so updated that for this share!
Sometimes, I need to hear my own writing…and take my own advice.
No joke.
I think God is always telling me something when I write.

Vacation from Blogging 7-7 through 7-14; auto posts scheduled!
Happy Summer Days!
Hugs to you all!

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  1. Faith, trust, and prayer…you said it! He will bring change into our lives through His amazing love and in His own time and way and we must fight the urge to resist it. If we are going to grow in our walk, we must be willing to invite and allow change in our lives with all of the above! :)Blessings and love Dawn!Denise


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