"I Do" Monday

Hello, and welcome to Monday in my neck of the woods…er, um…coast.
Yes, that makes more sense.

This week is special aside of all the other excitement, we celebrate our wedding anniversary
this week. July 5, 2003 was the day we tied the knot after meeting 20 years earlier and 
maintaining our close friendship throughout the years! 
Aren’t we brave?

And so we did…and still do. 

Well what a wonderful week it has been here in the smallest state in the Union!
Did you know that the Tall Ships are coming to Rhode Island?
One of my favorite places, Newport is hosting and these beautiful ships
will be sailing right into our waters!
They left an impression on me when I saw them in 1976 as they sailed into
 Newport Harbor and I visited and toured the majestic ships with my Mom.
Praying for our family to be able to see them this year.
They roll in as we are rolling out to our Maine destination

Official Ocean State Tall Ships Poster by Marilyn Swift

Picton Castle

Tree Of Life

I have a special RECIPE to share with you.
You can call me the “One Dish Wonder” and this is my one dish, friends
and here it is for your dining pleasure.

 Red, White and Blue Patriotic Chili 

1lb – 1lb1/2 of ground beef (80-85%lean)
1 24 oz can crushed tomatoes
1 24 oz can diced tomatoes
1 can Progresso dark red kidney beans
(I prefer these to all others)
1 can canellini beans
1 can black beans
1 large onion or two smaller (as you like)
1 cup frozen corn (or as desired)
 -my Girl’s request in Chili;
Chili powder
Crushed red pepper
Mexican seasoning (optional)
salt and pepper
A dash of minced Garlic or garlic seasoningof some kind
Canola or Olive oil
(we are Italian so we put it in everything, including Mexican food)
Dice and saute onion in oil. Add meat and seasoning. Mix & turn together as cooking.
I season the meat at the start and then again, after I add the tomatoes.
Once meat is cooked, add Canned Tomatoes, mix and add seasoning again.
Add beans, corn and let simmer.
Simple. Everyone loves my Chili.
And no one ever gets sick or makes gaggy faces. 😉
My gift to you- enjoy your 4th of July with some patriotic Chili!

This past week was a BIG Monopoly week.
This family plays Disney Monopoly (we are due for a new version, I think)
which has been favored by my daughter since she first learned to play!
We had a Monopoly/ Lord Of The Rings Marathon,
because we are so good at multi-tasking.
We had the portable DVD on the table.
I baked  a Homemade Spinach Pie Loaf ; we also had popcorn and lemonade.
All at the same time. Ish. Kind of impressive in a way.
I think.

We have intense debates about RULES in this game! 

The loaf before I put it in the oven-
I was so impressed with it I took the pic to show my hub.
Usually it is not so perfect with holes and thin spots.
Maybe I am a two-dish wonder, after all!

A Tale Two of Books:

A sweet friend from church gave this to me yesterday.
She said she was cleaning out  stuff and thought of me.
Hmmm…is there a subtle hint there? I do need to de-clutter!
Anyway- love it- lots of great ideas!

I had a special book sent to me which I finished yesterday and wrote a quick review for Good Reads:
( I will be featuring the author in an upcoming post so watch for it!)
Click to Check HERE it out!

Mission Possible Spiritual CoveringMission Possible Spiritual Covering by Deborah L. McCarragher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This excellent offering has more to offer than meets the eye. Concise and to the point with the focus and intent being delivering hope, encouragement, useful scripture and guidance to those women who are in a spiritually mismatched marriage. I was leery at first because I wondered if this would have practical application for those who are in marriages where they are not with an unsaved spouse but instead with someone who may be a Christian but off track in their spiritual life in another way: back-slidden or perhaps off  in their personal walk in leading the family, discipleship, growth, zeal for the Lord etc. I found this to be useful as a help for those in marriage to a spouse who needs salvation but also for all women as we all need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and pray ceaselessly for our husbands. Practical, suitable and helpful for a variety of marriage circumstances.

View all my reviews

Continuing to count to 1000…

231. 4 day Monopoly games
232. strong wills, that learn to yield, in His time
233. Lord of The Rings and how it reminds me always of the
 ultimate battle of evil and good, AND His victory and reign
234. Good cinematography, acting, directing and writing that stretches the mind
and wows the imagination
235. thunderstorms
236. beach days with friends
237. the beauty and mysterious sea
238. the Tall Ships coming and memories from childhood
239. Newport and all of the great memories I have of time spent there
240. my old church fellowship (GGC in MA)
and all of the wonderful memories and continuing friendships
shared. I realize the acceptance and love received was a special gift from God,
that remains to this day.

Happy 4th of July week!

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  1. Congratulations on 20 years! That is amazing! Those ships look amazing! I've never seen anything like that in person!I apologize if you get two comments from me. My computer is being super weird.Mary Bethnewlifesteward.com


  2. Happy anniversary Dawn; I hope you and your husband do something amazing that is a blessing you will remember and cherish. Maine must be beautiful this time of year; I visited there about ten years ago; loved it! :)Happy blessed 4th to you too,Denise


  3. Hi Mary Beth! Thanks- it's actually almost 30 years, as we got married on our 20 year anniversary of friendship…long story- my hubs idea! I am longing to see the ships! Truly breathtaking!


  4. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on a marriage built on such a strong foundation of friendship. God bless you and thanks for the recipe!


  5. Congratulations on your anniversary!! One of my sons is getting married Saturday! Can't believe it!Great list of blessings!


  6. Happy Anniversary!!! And, I LOVED the sound of the waves in the background. I usually have my volume because the music distracts me while reading posts but this, I could listen to all day!


  7. I love the sound of the waves splashing here on your blog. I could listen to it all day! I am from Southern Calif. and I grew up by the beach…but now I live in Kansas, so I miss the ocean!I wish you a Happy Anniversary…and a great 4th of July too.Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


  8. Hi Dawn, I found you through inspire me Monday and enjoyed so much reading your post. Fun to see the difference in your beach from ours down here in south Florida. Mainly those rocks…so cool! Hope you'll stop over and visit me at Quirky Vistas some time.Liz


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