My Creative Cave

Currently heavy on the writing…I love to brainstorm here sometimes
or just stare at beautiful Aurora.
I am linking up with a wonderfully creative community for What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) It’s a little intimidating, as there are some super creative folks there. But I like to swim over my head…it helps stretch the creative muscles, it does!
Welcome to my Creative Cave!
My modes of creativity :
Writing, Scrapbooking, card-making, Journal Writing, random creativity and inspired, spontaneous, crafting; studying/writing/planning prep for teaching or leading (Sunday School and small groups).

Oh, Picture taking.

However, my camera recently broke. I am coincidentally also broke. That’s the end of the story.
Believe it or not, my camera phone is on the blink,  too!
What will I do? I may have to start …drawing?
OK, no.
I’m a word lover.

Writing, which is what you are seeing my desk- as I have a number of writing assignments.
I am a bit behind. Book reviews are on hold, temporarily.

Below is the desk I blog from and do most of my edited writing . 

The blogging station.
My desk accessory and faithful assistant, Aurora.
She is always in her basket while I work at my desk! 
Funny I have taken pictures of my Workdesk regularly, 
but just found this community! 
PS- creative explosions take place frequently in my Creative Cave and on my desk.

Patsy and Peggy are the sweetest new friends who have inspired me- so here I am.
You should check them out.
I adore their amazing creativity and hearts for God!

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28 thoughts on “My Creative Cave

  1. Love the picture of Aurora in her basket – how cute is she ! Your desk looks very neat but industrious this week ! Hope you get to play & mess it up a bit (in a good way of course !!) Ali #39


  2. I had a giggle at Aurora sitting in her basket, maybe when things improve, she can have bigger digs? lol Love that you have a blog station, mine is on the couch with the laptop, well, in my lap! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina 🙂


  3. So lovely…and neat. I cringe at the thought of showing my current work space. If clutter is the sign of a creative mind…I'm good.Love that Aurora sits on your desk. I used to try and get my toy poodle Scooby to do that, but he refused. The new puppy is smaller and is usually on my feet when I'm at the desk, so maybe if I could clear a space for her she'd sit. I think we'd better wait till the chewing phase is over, though.


  4. Stacy, this was newly neatened after a true Hurricane Dawn mess complete with buried desk! I neatened it and took a picture. Because it mostly is NOT this way, OK? I am a very “creative” (messy) person! Congrats on the new puppy!


  5. Hi Sandie! I will do the “real” version next time…lol, before I actually neaten it up. Neatening is just a form of procrastination for me, so sometimes neatness means bad things!


  6. hello, Dawn! welcome to WOYWW and thank you for mentioning us in your post! oh my gosh, i am amazed at your Aurora! she is so beautiful and how amazing that she stays in her basket! we have a little kitty but i can't imagine her keeping still like that! happy WOYWW! blessings and hugs from #15peggy aplSEEDS


  7. What a wonderful name for your gorgeous feline.Welcome to the woyww family of like minded crafters… of all levels. xx#9


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