Roses On Monday

A single peach bloom with morning dew
from our front yard…
Buckle Up – I am heavy on the 
Randoms this week….
HANG ON tight! 
Here We Go!

I got a mani-pedi this past week.
Purple fingertips…
Pedicures make me feel pampered and pretty!
How about you?

I can’t keep a secret when it is this good!
The Inspiring Women Series continues this week
with an interview with author/artist
Emily Wierenga!
You do not want to miss this one, friends!
Please stay tuned…

I got this great new Journal at Michael ‘s for just $5.00!
I think I may be feeling pink-ish soon!
Here is the next weeks prayer recipients!

15. Cathy @ Periwinkle Confessions -June 3, 2012
16. Barbie @ My Freshly Brewed Life -June 4, 2012 
17. Regina @ Teach Me The Ancient Paths -June 5, 2012 
18. Jenny @ Jenny Matlock -June 6, 2012
19. Sandi @ Chatty Crone -June 7, 2012 
20. Miss Kathy @ The Writer’s Reverie -June 8, 2012
21. Ed @ The Sheep’s Pen -June 9, 2012

My Friend Susie over at Recovering Church Lady has been having a
 lot of fun with “Wordle”…she sent me this which is a wordle of my Blog.
Pretty fun for us word loving types!
Thanks, Susie!
$2.50 at Target: I am a Fashionista!
 Love it for my journal, planner, etc.
I am a hard-core Bag Lady!
Here is a little thank you set I am giving to my daughter’s bus driver and monitor,
I am putting them in a pretty gift bag & enclosing a card with a handwritten
 thank you for providing safe travel and care for my daughter
all school year. I was trying to be frugal, resourceful and creative.
May is so crazy
Can you believe it’s June?
But there is always time for a little kindness, yes?
Here are some quotes for your week! 

If we should deal out justice only, in this world, who would escape?  No, it is better to be generous, and in the end more profitable, for it gains gratitude for us, and love.  ~Mark Twain

I always prefer to believe the best of everybody, it saves so much trouble.  ~Rudyard Kipling
Even when you do not feel big hearted, 
you can give yourself permission to act that way.  ~Lama Willa Miller
You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know 
how soon it will be too late.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

184. a generous, unexpected tip 185. God’s provision 186. a client who is a pleasure to work with 
187. homemaking day victory- hooray! 188. only one room that looks “sploded”! 189. full, white round moon reminder of the fullness of His love – washed the world in white late last night- beautiful. 190. blessed assurance 191. realizing my faith is stronger than my fear – finally. 192. He is greater than all my fears, yes! BUT to know that I know and believe it to my toes. YES! 193. Lovely wedding shower weekend with peonies, pink and candy treats…surrounded by love and loveliness-sweet!
Sorry so late…
I had to take time to smell the roses…

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  1. Hi Dawn; love all your randomness and the joy you find in all little things! It's all a part of counting our everyday blessings and being thankful for everything we have! 🙂 And by the way; a perfect and heartfelt gift for your daughter's bus driver…..Blessings and hugs for a lovely week,Denise


  2. What a perfect rose! I love how God does that, don't you? I mean, He shows us the beauty of His creation in simple things right before our eyes, if we will only take the time to notice! Thank you for helping me to see.


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