Memorial Monday

A week’s worth of life has been lived and here we are on the brink of Summer…so much to be thankful for and then it all seems to pale when we stand back and consider the precious lives of those who have served, fought died and remain for us to live in this current freedom.
Booksneeze sent us Booksneezers this special badge to share –
 I put it on my Facebook Profile!
This is the country God has allowed me to be born and raised in.
I am forever grateful for His providence and grace.
God shed His grace on thee..
Both my Dad and Father In Law served their country.
I am proud to be an American.
No country, race or religion is perfect.
But ours is a place of grace, peace and freedom because of much sacrifice.
God Bless America, and all those who have secured the freedom of many.

Not sure why I get sillier as I grow older BUT…
here is this morning’s breakfast.
Um, I like to start the day with a smile?
I know, certifiable!
Did you catch this post– I am a REAL cook these days. 
A regular Domestic Diva in the making. OK, not really. 
But I did dream up and make this simple Meatball Pie and dedicate
 a post to its making in honor of my friend Lois over at Walking On Sunshine! 
Seriously? Here I am with a “boy” from the ‘hood!
My sweet friend Amia, mentioned her new friend to me awhile back.
Now, here in Rhode Island chances are you know or are related to everyone…ahem.
 She told me his name and GUESS what- my mind went back to tomboy
days of football , bikes , frogs and ponds!
After 30 or so years Timmy and I are reunited friends from way back.
No rough stuff now that we are grown ups!
How does the song go?
 “Make new friends, keep the old, one is silver the other gold.”
I’ll keep him if Amia does. Hee-hee! We chickies gotta stick together!

Here are the Bloggers I am praying for this week:

8. Susie @ Recovering Church Lady -May 27, 2012
9. Dionna @ Beauty In The Storm -May 28, 2012
10. Stacy @ A Life Lived Well -May 29, 2012
11. Heather @ Mommy Only Has 2 Hands -May 30, 2012
12. Ramona @ Create With Joy -May 31, 2012
13. Tracy @ My Daily Walk In His Grace  -June 1, 2012
14. Mel @ Trailing After God -June 2, 2012

Please link up at anytime with your own list! 
Let’s cover the Blogosphere in Prayer!

My Multitudes…
172. Large Print Bible…heck, large print reading option for any book!
173. my Jesus’ example and patience with me
174. sacrificial love and example
175. America
176. Freedom that is free for me because of the sacrifice of many
177. that I crack myself up, not sure whether this is good or bad but it is amusing
178. old friend and new friends
179. God’s Providence
180. my sweet husband
181. my strong willed, beautiful girl
182. patient friends who accept me just as I am
183. Sarah Young’s writing
” Enjoy the radiant beauty of my Presence. 
Declare my glorious Being to the world.”
~ Sarah Young (Jesus Calling)

Have a lovely week!

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14 thoughts on “Memorial Monday

  1. Thank you…I'm honored to be one of those you're praying for this week. :)And yes, thank you Lord, indeed for the large print Bible…until I get new glasses I'd be lost without it.


  2. I too have become a wife who cooks! Who would thunk it, after all these years of refusing? But being the one at home and very $$ for eating out every few days as we used to, its a no-brainer. Anyway, I am super excited about the meatball pie! Told Hubs and he said with those ingredients it could not go wrong! (But I have gone terribly wrong on many occasions!) Thanks!


  3. Thank you for the Memorial Day Tribute. That was wonderful. Also…isn't it fun to rediscover old friends? That's really cool. Thanks for sharing with us. Love your positive spin on life. You are a joy!


  4. So many wonderful things to mention on your blog post today, first I am loving the sound of the waves as I am thinking of the beach ( like I do every summer ), so nice to be reunited with an old friend! I think our souls are freer as we get older allowing out inner child to emerge, hence the silliness coming out, I happen to like your breakfast smile! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina 🙂


  5. I love your blog and your prayer list. Beautiful post! Your smiley face is super cute and I love peanut butter. It's making me hungry. lol Have a wonderful week.Blessings,Lisa


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