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My nightstand doth runneth over...

Well here it is that time of month again…and here I am sheepishly linking, because I adore this link -up but am the slowest reader on earth. I am not however the slowest accumulator of books. The above picture is my hallway. Books do find me. Even as I left church the last few weeks and there set out, in the back on a table…free books. Much to my husbands dismay. “If you take one, you need to leave one.” He smiles. Um, no. That is not exactly how it works…But just so you know that God loves me despite my covetousness towards books, I have been asked to help out creating and organizing our church library! Hooray! Guess who’s smiling, now? 
It has been a hectic month and I truly appreciate seeing all of my fellow What’s On Your Nightstand friends reading choices…
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Gone to Green, Green Series #1   -              By: Judy Christie
Gone To Green
 (Green Series:Book 1)
Judy Christie
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Praying for Your Prodigal Daughter: Hope, Help & Encouragement for Hurting Parents
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What’s On Your Nightstand?
What's On Your Nightstand

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5 thoughts on “What’s NOT On My Nightstand

  1. You are a busy gal with lots of books. Right now I am going thru the Barclay's Commentaries for the books of the Bible and I am on John – which there is two books of.Love, sandie


  2. I had to laugh about books finding you! I am the same way. My husband tells me all the time, what are you going to do with these books?…uummm, “read them?” LOL! I am slow because life is moving at an unreal pace. I love to read and will keep reading at this pace until…life changes! LOL! thanks for sharing!


  3. Yowza, Dawn. Even though I just recently unloaded two and a half cases worth of books last month, with the ones remaining here at home, between the two of us, we could start our own university library! 'Books find me.' The same could be said about me, too. Last week — again, after just recently getting rid of so many books — I sat down in our church's library and looked through the shelf that holds books free to a good home. Nothing looked good until I came across one that just called out to me, which I'm currently reading called 'A Steadfast Surrender,' by Nancy Moser. It's fiction, but it's AMAZING and so real, I literally cannot put it down. It's causing me to ask myself some very hard questions about certain things God is asking me to do and to let go of. I'm almost finished with it, but tonight…I found its sequel!! I'm like a book magnet!I enjoyed squinting at and trying to read all the titles in the pic you posted here. ;)Happy reading, Bloggy BFF!Blessings,Pam


  4. Ooh, have fun organizing your church library! What a fun job. I'd have trouble with it though because I'd bring even more books home. I have a problem with accumulating too. 🙂 I've had “A Confident Heart” on my list awhile and need to read it. Looks so good.


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