Miscellaneous, Inspiring, Multitudinous Monday

Ashley does not appreciate extreme close- ups.
See her giving me the evil eye?
This was the last shot.

Trying something new in the sense of organizing my busy Monday post! 
Let me know what you think! 
Special guest Kitty appearances today by Ashley and Aurora!

lowercase letters

Miscellaneous with Carissa:

Excited to be taking part in Rene Swopes Study!
Are you joining us?
Shine On For Him!

I have a thought for you today- I started to write a post which never was actually posted- the seed thought was “The smallest goal reached is bigger than the biggest dream forgotten.” 
This was as I pondered once again the past year. May 20th will mark one year of Blogging, and sharing my writing. I have shared and been blessed immeasurably by this blogging journey. No this is not a “book” (yet), yet this has been it’s own journey and commitment to be brave and crazy enough to share my heart, hopes, faith, fears and doubts with all of you. In return I have been enlarged in heart by your encouragement, support and friendship. 
I encourage you to Reach Higher– and take the small steps toward your own dream.
One day you will look back and realize you are already living your dream- even though it might not be exactly the way you envisioned it. That does not diminish the dream, friends…
There are many different stars in the galaxy.
You don’t need to be the brightest one to shine for Him.
The biggest star may shine brightest but the beauty of all of those 
stars glimmering from above is the glory of the night sky! 
Shine, baby shine! 
Your light is not diminished.
This week at Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith I will be sharing with you a book review, our next guest for The Inspiring Women Series, Random Journal Day Link Up #5 (can you believe it?), and a very special gift from God’s heart in me to you, my fellow Bloggers – stay tuned! This gift will be one which I believe will grow beautifully in the Blogosphere and bless many, while glorifying our God! 
Narragansett, RI
Are you enjoying the new ocean sounds? 
It just seemed fitting, yes? 

Inspiring with Ramona

This weekend I finally created a few Bookmarks. I have too many projects on my To Do- but glad I got to make these! These are gifts for some special friends- I hope they like them!
I found these stickers at Job Lot and I love religious art, myself so adored these!
I used cardboard (I always save that from packaging), Scrapbook paper, and some other stickers to create these. I really love bookmarks- making them, giving them and using them! 

Multitudinous with Ann
103. ability to breathe…deeply, slowly, fully 104. rainy days, lovely 105. a husband who looks past my flaws, and somewhat furry, dusty floors with patience and love 106. forgiveness daily…OK, momentarily 107. school vacation 108. school vacation’s end 109. this little church, congregation, pastor and fellowship we are now slowly but steadily growing into 110. the heart of Him beating in those who are praying for us, and others- blessing 111. beautiful swan alone grooming, oblivious to my watching 112. crossing turkeys Saturday morning 113. knowing I am sometimes silly, but can’t help it 114. knowing He loves me just the way He made me 115. trusting in His transforming power and ability to take care of the ugly in my beautiful, God created self 116. the power of his love 116. the beauty of His presence 117. grace for my day, night, past, present, future118. the return of the birds to our backyard feeder and birdbath 119. hope in Him 120. God’s teaching through my Pastor this week, excellent 121. the story of those two disciples on the road to Emmaus and how it ignites me too!

Aurora assists with my Bible Study…
and this can be a both blessing and nuisance! 
Happy Monday! 

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