Wanted: Joy (RDJ Link-Up) 4/29/12

The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, 

   the world, and all who live in it… 

Psalm 24:1

I do not like to share too much back story with the journal link up as I just like to let the words resonate in the way God will use them anew for whoever reads but …this was a difficult time on every front for our family.
We were about to lose our home, change our church and our marriage was limping along barely. Challenging times cripple some, and cause others to cry out to God. Sometimes they they can cause both. But the beauty of it is – His Love never fails…

January 20, 2008

Dear Lord, I need you desperately…
Angelo needs me…
Everything is wrong.
Lord show me how to do my part to make it right.

Church today…
All the things I’m hating Lord…
is it all within me?

Lord help me please…for Angelo’s sake to be more sensitive to his needs. Please don’t let the wall stay up…Please…please help me be humble.

Sometimes I doodle in my journals…yes I do! 

Please help me to stop all the stuff I am doing to hurt our marriage. Either way, I love him. He is my best friend. And yet I can’t figure out sometimes whether or not we are supposed to be husband & wife.
Lord I took communion today but I’m scared…for every part of life. Lord… please, please, please, please forgive me for all the ugliness…at church, marriage and life.

I just can’t do anything good….
But I sure wish I could.

Lord, please help us get right with you…guide us…show Angelo…guide him…speak to him and incline his ear to listen.

Lord, help me to see Angelo through rose tinted glasses. Lord help him be totally blessed by how I see him. Lord, please keep me from negative thoughts and comments. Lord, don’t even let anything take root in me not of you.

That year brought great loss for us as individuals and a family. But we survived and remained intact. Once again God gave us beauty for ashes and strength for fears. He turned our mourning into gladness. He revealed more of himself to me. He helped me to clearly understand the truth about His imputed Righteousness, freely given. (2 Cor 5:  21- God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God). Painful year, yes. Fruit bearing…yes. Amen. 

Great is thy faithfulness…

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10 thoughts on “Wanted: Joy (RDJ Link-Up) 4/29/12

  1. Your vulnerability, your 'beauty from ashes'–some people would hide this, of course. Thank you for not. That also beauty. Thank-you.


  2. I've had days like that, too, where I literally was begging God to help me in my desperation! I'm so glad He is always listening, cares, and loves us enough to guide us!!In His Lo♥e, Ann


  3. I definitely have written some journal entries like that–and I doodle all over my notebooks, too! Especially if it's something I need to use like my grocery list–then sometimes I doodle so much I have to re-do it.


  4. That could be a page from my heart. For I have been to afraid to express myself in written word for fear others may see it. So glad you share!


  5. I'm a little behind this weekend, but I was early earlier in the week…glad I found this. Thank you for your open heart and open book. I believe we have all come through difficult times like that…some of us may still be there…but we are learning as we go and growing day by day…and we need each other to keep reminding us that it's ok to be human…God is with us all the way.


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