Mean, Green Monday

Do you ever just sit and wonder where the week went? As I ponder the peaks and valleys of my life this week I am amazed with the twists, turns and unexpected winding that this road called life has brought forth.

Here I sit, in awe of God on Monday. Really every day, but I like to take things One. Day. At. A. Time. And today, after all, is…Monday. So welcome to a new week. May it bring forth rich blessings for you and may you find joy, and wonder in new and unexpected places as you walk along the road.

Here I share my many Blessings, Rants and Randoms, with Carissa and Ann and all of the lovelies in their communities. 
Tuesday’s beach walk…and pondering this year’s verse 
(John 3:30) and word: Less.
I will be sharing my fresh insights later in the week. 
May I introduce you to Author Judy Christie
This is my latest Fiction read and I am really enjoying it! 

Check out the short trailer:
I had the amazing blessing of being able to gather with some other lovely ladies from New England for this lovely time of prayer, fellowship and amazing grace with our gracious and lovely hostess: Sharon Gamble- Moms In Prayer Regional Director for New England. 
This was an overnight event which allowed for the most amazing display of hospitality by the lovely team Sharon heads up in New Hampshire. I was blessed to stay at a lovely home opened up to myself and my three fellow Rhode Island lady friends. We met new Sisters who graciously shared testimonies of grace and the faithfulness of our God. We brainstormed new ways to encourage Moms to prioritize praying. 
Mama Gamble always starts off these special intimate (@ 30 people) with a Bed-time story.
Our attribute focus was Light. Here Sharon reads from The Jesus Storybook Bible
in her lovely home. 
Sharon provided a time of reflection with scripture Thursday night, which is where and when God gave me my fresh insight which I shared on Sunday: The Great Yielding.
Here is the fact: People often complain about God being taken out of the public schools.
I want to suggest an alternative to complaining about this reality and making a difference in your child’s life that you may not know the complete significance of until eternity: Praying with another Mom through a Moms In Prayer gathering. You can get more information here.
Perhaps you pray, in church, in private and more, most likely. 
Moms In Prayer is a prayer ministry focused on your children: their schools, their teachers, their schoolmates, and school staff. This ministry serves as a tool to draw each mom into closer fellowship and prayerful dependence on Jesus Christ. Instead of discussion with Moms about problems they are ushered boldly to the throne of grace and supported prayerfully by other women. My daughter attends a private, Christian school and I currently lead the group where she attends. Our children and the schools we send them to for 6+ hour days, need the prayers of Moms, Grand-moms, Aunts and those with willing hearts to pray. I have been involved with Moms In Touch since 2008 and it has transformed my prayer life in a profound way. There is no greater gift we can give our children and those who we share them with daily than this one thing: Prayer. 

Mr. and Mrs. Boardway
                            Thank you to Mr. Lee Boardway, my dear fellow Maine-iac and partner in all things 
Lord of the Rings for sharing his testimony for my Faith tab! 
Please stop by and check out his story!
(I am putting it up ASAP, so check back if it is not up yet!)
I am accepting testimonies and invite you to share with us how you came to Faith in Christ!
Contact me, if you would like to share here! 
Here I am, with my mean, green chick!
Taken by my new friend Jackie! 

Continuing counting my graces and gifts …
92. A sweet sister in Christ who has won my daughter to friendship 93. flowers in a vase not once but twice to welcome me home 94. Forgotten chocolate chip cookies, remembered, eaten, forgotten again! 95. miraculous recovery and healing rest 96. Prayers of many, and especially one. 97. My new sweet friends Margy and Jackie and the joy of knowing them 98. car ride fellowship 99. transforming grace, which replaces “in your face” 100. fresh insights on scripture I have read many times, to His praise! 101. A lovely Sunday with an unusually pleasant, agreeable daughter 102. A lovely leader who serves and loves so many well, and is loved by Him and so many: Sharon

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

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  1. Sounds like a great week last week…which should help to make this week even greater! Hey! I was a member of a “Moms in Touch” prayer group way way way back in 1988-89 I think, in the Englewood, Ohio area. It was a relatively new group back then, and I met with other mothers on my lunch break at work once a week for prayer for our schools, kids, teachers, etc. It was very uplifting. I am glad to know that group lives on in today's society!


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