Called To Controversy – The Unlikely Story Of Moishe Rosen And The Founding Of Jews For Jesus : Book Review

Called to Controversy 

The Unlikely Story of Moishe Rosen and the Founding of Jews for Jesus

By Ruth Rosen

Published by Thomas Nelson

Called To Controversy – The Unlikely Story of Moishe Rosen and the Founding of Jews for Jesus is an exceptional biography written by the daughter of the controversial, colorful, wonderfully eccentric leader of the Jews for Jesus group. With loving attention to detail, yet objectified perspective throughout, Ruth Rosen manages to bring her father to life in the pages of this book. 
I had always known about the evangelical organization named Jews For Jesus but not much beyond the vague notion of their mission. Having Jewish friends, and a love for the Jewish people in general,  I was curious when I saw this book available. 

This book was one of the most thorough biographies I have ever read. So much personal family history, intimate observation and background insight was available, due to the relation of the writer. Ruth Rosen also worked alongside her father while growing up and during her adult years; she successfully sheds light on him in a way that is honest, forthright and without excuse.
After reading this biography which follows Moshei from his childhood roots in Denver to New York and  ultimately California, I really wish I could have met this servant. He was passionate in both his Jewish heritage and background but also in the truth of Jesus as Messiah. His heart was for the Jewish people to know the truth and to allow them opportunity and exposure to the truth he himself held dear, although it cost him his own parents acceptance initially.
One of his co-laborers described his strength as a leader this way: “To give vision and encourage others to go beyond what they think they can do”.
Many of the anecdotes reveal him a natural salesperson (early on), a lover of people, painfully honest (at times), wisdom, spirit led and quick to hone in on the gifts of others and allow them to serve beyond their own perceived capacity. I think this would be a great read for men and women in leadership because this man was “practically” spiritual. There are excellent examples of servant-leadership, humility and also the honesty of a unique, imperfect man who learned to listen to the Lord. I was inspired by the way he lived his life purposefully and passionately and with dedication to the call he felt in his life. Great read. 
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Publishers Description:

What does it mean to be a Jew? What practices are relevant? And is belief in God even necessary?
Answers to these and other questions reflect the amazing diversity within the Jewish community. However, one terrible fact—centuries of persecution in the name of Jesus Christ—has united this diverse community in one belief. Namely, that Jesus Christ is not the Jewish Messiah.
Moishe Rosen was born into this culture. No New Testament. No Christmas. No question. Even nonreligious Jews—including Moishe’s family—would disown anyone traitorous enough to profess faith in Christ. Which means the moment Moishe was called to Christ, he was Called to Controversy.
This stirring account from his daughter describes the rise of a man whose passion for Jesus and passion for his people triumphed over self-preservation and ultimately fueled an international movement that is still changing lives today. Called to Controversy is the inside story of one the most influential evangelists of our times.

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