Awakened By Grace (RJD Link Up 2) 4/8/12

Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me.
The one who loves me will be loved by my Father,
and I too will love them and show myself to them.
John 14:21

This journal came at a time in my life when I discovered the newness of life that Jesus promises to all that receive Him by Faith. It was an exciting time of answered prayers, and baby faith. It was the time when all things become new, exciting and suddenly sharply focused. I saw miracles and many come to saving faith. I saw others turn a deaf ear. The only thing that mattered to me was that I was hot on the trail of The Master…and He was revealing Himself to me in amazing, personal and specific ways. (John 14:21) I was on fire and unaware of the trials ahead…but oh, the wonders of His love.The depths of His love and faithfulness I would come to know soon enough in the fires of trials, in days to come. But this was a Living God wooing a new babe with the graces, and joys of new life. Here I am all full of “Jesus Bumps” as excited as a High School Girl with a crush. Only this IS the love of a Lifetime. The only Love that is Faithful and True.
Here I am having read hardly a word of the Bible. Unfamiliar with all of the workings of Christianity. Ignorant to religion. Ready for Truth! This was the the day after I was baptized and which was also the same day that my best friend Sara accepted Christ as her own Savior! Oh, did I mention I was baptized on Easter Sunday? Well, now you know! It was a two for one, spiritually speaking! This came after a 5 year spiritual slumber…where I had not had a chance to get rooted and grounded in the Word of God as a New Believer and the things of this world drew me far from the things of God. But truly by Grace He turned me upside down and right side up and …well, this is where I landed!


I have the answer.
The only answer.
I have the answer to every question I ever thought upon, worried over…
Jesus is the answer.
What else matters…
what else matters?
I was searching.
I was lost.
I was STILL lost.
I’m NOT lost anymore.
Everything else is a but…Jesus is a period.
Jesus is an exclamation point!
Jesus is.
He lives in me-
He has been revived.
My God, my God forgive me for sleeping…
forgive me, my wretched and wicked ways…
Let me receive every truth you hold for me…
gently in your divine presence.
I have to answer the question,
what is my life trying to become?
What am I trying to be-
Who am I?

The answer is a testimony to God.
I will stand firmly on that which has been revealed to me.
My life will be a testimony to God in Jesus Christ.
This is His will.
Thy will be done!

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Dawn Paoletta is the author of Journaling for Discovery and Delight. Her writing is included in several anthologies and her poems have been included in the Wickford Poetry and Art Exhibit and Books. Dawn is currently working on her next book. Inquiries at

7 thoughts on “Awakened By Grace (RJD Link Up 2) 4/8/12

  1. Oh Dawn, this was amazing! I can feel your excitement and new-love enthusiasm. And it hasn't gone away! That's the cool part! You still carry that and you are doing exactly what you prophesied over yourself in this journal entry…”What am I trying to be-Who am I?The answer is a testimony to God.I will stand firmly on that which has been revealed to me.My life will be a testimony to God in Jesus Christ.This is His will.Thy will be done!”


  2. This is why I love journaling so much…it is so wonderful to be able to look back and recapture the joy one felt at such a major moment in life…and now to be able to share that joy again, refreshed and anew each time you read it…thank you for being so transparent and helping us to open up our own hearts and share God's teaching moments with others as well. Thanks to Calvary…we are set free…


  3. Love your joy and enthusiasm! It's really cool to read your journal entries and see how God has worked in your life.I wish I had my journals around, but I used to get rid of them once they were filled because my family had a habit (some still do) of snooping uninvited. With something so personal it always felt like a MAJOR violation.


  4. Dear DawnThank you for your nice comments at Inspire Me Monday today! This would be the PERFECT post to share! I love spiritual journals and I not only enjoyed reading your post, but I'm also looking forward to checking out this new-to-me meme!Have a very blessed week!Ramona :-)Create With Joy


  5. Your words are just as beautiful, heartfelt and inspiring back then as they are today.'Jesus Bumps.' I love it!!!Overwhelmed by this post, my friend (in a very good way, of course).At His feet,Pam


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