Random Journal Day Post 1 (3/31/12) Blog Hop/Link Up

Rum Pinkspiration- my wedding bouquet inspiration !

This journal entry comes from what could be called The Engagement Journal. 
It is full of all of our premarital
preparations.The bouquet picture was used as the inspiration for my own wedding bouquet. This entry is dated 8/31/02.  The pictures below are of the cover of the journal and the pages I am sharing. This is the first of my entries in our new Blog Hop (making good use of all our old journal writing!)!
Encourage me in your word, your ways, your love, grace & mercy. I’m sinking…
Hold me up. I need your peace, prioritization, organization…Lord your smile, 
your pace…your vision for my life…your passion for those you’ve purposed for my life. 
Lord, where do you want me?

That’s my wedding party in the top right picture!

Wedding plans had my mind racing apparently. 
It was a short entry…and desperate.

Please come join in the new Blog Hop – Link Up hosted by  Recovering Church Lady and me! Yippee!

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