My Nightstand Overfloweth

Seriously my reading has slowed down lately, so here is my boring update…I might be slightly reading anemic.

What I am still in the middle of:

Praying For Purpose by Katie Brazelton- I am loving this one and read it daily OK almost daily. It is a daily format hence my excuse for not finishing!
Beckoned By The King by Jeannie Palette
Called To Controversy by Ruth Rosen

Are you convinced I am the slowest reader ever yet? Seriously I have been very busy. I think I need a nice vacation where I can just read for a weekend with a tall drink on a beach or poolside. Hmm. Can you picture me there? Or are you selfishly imagining yourself there… I forgive you. Do you see that stack? There is more, where that came from- I have too many books. Not to mention that last month I won a slew of books. Poor book-loving me. You are feeling sorry for me, right? I didn’t think so.

What I finished:

I loved this book and suggest it for those of you who are looking to seed scripture into your heart and be encouraged through the practice of scriptural prayer. Jody has also written a book for parents of teens which I have not read yet, but I assure you I think it will be useful. Jody is a Moms In Prayer  (formerly Moms In Touch) Leader and has much to share from her personal experience.

A quick read and good to share. I got this one as a freebie. John MacArthur is a favorite teacher of mine. This is a small one, good to pass along in discipleship or friendship evangelism situations.

Last but SO not least I finished Anne Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts.
I started this book in January. I put it down after the first chapter because I could not suffer the pain of the experience Ann shared. If you have read it you know, if not, I will not spoil it. But, I just was not ready to ball, and had just started the Hunger Games trilogy so was not up to it. Ann got shelved. Then I picked it up and immersed myself in her picturesque poetic prose. I allowed myself to enter into her world and emerged feeling as though she touched a universal nerve. Suddenly I understood the fuss and the community that this book has birthed.
She somehow manages to sketch the raw beauty of our existence in a unique and common yet powerful manner that invites all to come and take part in the journey.

So my excuse is also I have been so busy writing my gifts that I have not been able to read as much. Read:The dog ate my homework!”

I am still lamenting the loss of my dear Kindle. Which was uninsured. Lesson learned. 

I hope to do better next month. Off to see what the die-hard read-a-holics put down! 
Happy Reading, Friends! 

What's On Your Nightstand

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4 thoughts on “My Nightstand Overfloweth

  1. I think we all deserve a weekend with nothing to do but read! Ah, but life interferes as it always does. Oh well, one can dream. :)-Nancy@5M4B


  2. I constantly dream of lying by a pool or on a beach where they serve lovely drinks with umbrellas and reading until my eyes hurt. I would rather do that than anything else – it's my idea of the perfect vacation. Although I live at the beach, since its home, I have all the responsibilities of home. No vacation here, but still I do sneak out once in a while. I've read a couple of the books you mentioned and on my night stand (read my Nook) right now I have, “Bringing up Bebe”; “Unorthodox”; “Signs of Life” by Scott Hahn; “Jacqueline Kennedy”; “Fairy Tale Interrupted”; “The End Of Normal”. So far, all have been very good books. When I get into a good book my husband calls me an irresponsible reader because I can barely put my book down to get anything else done. Like make him dinner! I'll check out some of your titles. It looks like you have some good ones here.


  3. 1000 Gifts is on my list. We recently combined Sunday School classes and the class we “merged” with had just read that. I want to read it for sure.


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