Birth Your Book Giveaway: Interview with Book Writing Coach Lisa Tener (Inspiring Women Series)

Lisa Tener is a published author, blogger and Book Writing Coach who happens to be in the business of helping  authors, writers and creative folks realize their dream of publication. Lisa has appeared on ABC News with Peter Jennings as well as PBS-TV and even  more impressive has clients who have been published with major publishers such as Simon & Schuster, Scribner and Random House . Many of her clients have appeared on television programs such as Oprah, Good Morning America and more! Her experience in the field is extensive and broad whether addressing entrepreneurial women or Harvard Publishing course students, Lisa is sharing secrets to success. Here she is to share some inspiration today for any of us who have ever dreamed of birthing that book!

OK, personal stuff first!
I would like to ask you about your desires from childhood- how they line up with your current profession. What came first the teacher or the writer; in other words what did you want  to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be an author, but I thought I’d write fiction, since that’s what I read when I was in grammar school. I took a detoured, route, though and did not become an author until my thirties.
I did also teach in grammar school—In 4th, 5thand 6th grade I tutored first and second graders. And I enjoyed finding their interests so I could create a doorway to reading for them. For example, Cathy hated reading, but it turned out she loved to act—we would read a book and then put on a play about it for her mom.
Where exactly did you grow up and where do you reside currently? I grew up in Queens, NY, but spent school vacations in New Brunswick Canada, right on the Bay of Fundy—that’s where I got my nature fix. I don’t know what I would have done without that connection.
I now live in Saunderstown, RI and I teach my book writing classes on a point that juts out into the sea. I love the Ocean and feel so lucky to live and teach here.
What is the one professional thing/tool you can’t live without ? I suppose my computer. I’m on it all day to write, blog and connect with others.
What is the most significant thing (experience, event, influence) that you experienced in your life that you believe shaped/impacted  or directed your life? Probably there were many, but one is an illness I had that led to a spiritual awakening—I didn’t really have much of a spiritual life before that and I was very shut down. It really opened me up.
Who is your biggest influence, inspiration or role model? So many. I’d probably say the healers in my life have been my biggest influence—Doug Jansen who helped me heal from that first illness and started me on that awakening path and now I work with an amazing intuitive, Julia Griffin.
Next Up-Writers stuff– 

Lisa has offered to give one lucky visitor a copy of her downloadable book and Self Study Program called “Quick Start to Kick Start Your Book: Turn Your Passion Into Profit”!  

Just leave a comment in the section below
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and you will be entered for a chance to win. 

What is the most important concern for an aspiring writer to address prior to publication in your opinion?1. Answer the question: What is your vision for what the book will do for your readers, your community and also for your own life and work. 2. Be really clear who you’re writing for.
How would you help a writer set goals and manage themselves with regard to time management and organization? Schedule writing time into your calendar and keep it sacred. Don’t be value, but be specific: Monday from 2-5. Something like that.
Do you think it is possible for an author to be successful in more than one genre?  Yes, absolutely. Stephen King has written in several genres and he even got away with a book that’s half memoir and half how-to. But you don’t want to confuse your fans, either. It easiest to make a name for yourself in one genre and then add others.
What Writer’s Contests do you believe would offer the most possibility for connection and publication for aspiring writers? Writer’s Digest contests are great, but you can’t answer this question until you know the audience for the book—which awards would they most notice and be interested in?
You have a wonderfully diverse experiential background and many accomplishments; which of these has brought you the most personal satisfaction?  I’m so proud of the books I’ve helped people to write and the way our work has impacted their lives and often their businesses.  I also love helping people tap into their inner knowing. I do this especially with a visualization I guide people in that I call, “Meet Your Muse.”
Lisa I know that you are offering a free “Birth Your Book” opportunity on March 7th. Can you tell us what that will do for us and why we should not miss it, besides the fact that you are leading it, of course!  It will help you get past overwhelm and get started if you’re at the beginning and if you’ve started and gotten stuck, it will help you get re-inspired. We’ll answer questions and we’ll also go over the opportunity to join one of my book writing programs which begin soon.

*For my local friends in the New England area: 
Lisa will be at All That Matters in Wakefield, RI on Saturday, March 11th from 11:30-4:30 for Jumpstart Your Spiritual How-To Book or Memoir. 
Well, Friends, I hope you are feeling inspired and encouraged to write AND Birth Your Book, 
along with me. If you would like to join in for the Birth Your Book Event Click Here or on the Sidebar “Birth Your Book” Link! Don’t forget to leave your comment to be entered into the Giveaway!
Thank you, to Lisa Tener for inspiring us and sharing a bit of yourself with us today!
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  1. I may be stretching the definition of “How-To Book” but I'm currently reading Me and My Big Mouth by Joyce Meyer, and it's great. It's really teaching me “how to” harness the power of my words. It's good stuff!


  2. My favourite memoir is the Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. Poignant and funny, it was a book I had to read from start to finish in just one weekend…Also, I just listened to Lisa's call and would love to work through her program. What a lovely, lovely person!


  3. Dawn, thanks for sharing this interview with us. I often get homesick and wish for my native Rhode Island. . . this is one of these times. What fun it would be to attend the class. I'll have to console me with the beautiful scenery on your blog instead. I grew up on Narragansett Bay, in Bristol — a much rockier coastline than what I see here. Southern blessings to you from South Carolina, where it was a balmy 75 degrees today.


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