Book Review: From Blah To Awe by Jenna Lucado Bishop

I confess I chose this book because it was aimed at Tweens and Teens and I was hoping my daughter would show some interest.  Although she said she did not want to read it at this time I realized I still needed to; I set about the task hesitantly. I thought really, what is Max Lucado’s daughter going to be able to share with me, coming from what I assumed was a pretty cushy Christian start in life. I mean really, if you get to choose a Dad and you are an aspiring Christian writer then I think Max Lucado would be a pretty convenient Dad to have. However, I was pleasantly surprised with Jenna’s down to earth style, complete with rebellion, confession and her authenticity in sharing her own struggles with coming to terms with dreaded complacent Christianity and faith “blahs”. I also liked the glimpses she shared  of her very real, faithful parents planting seeds of faith by living out their own lives of faith.
Sharing some of her own personal stories and the real life stories of other Christians who have experienced the Savior in a unique life-changing way, whether by tragedy or revelation, Jenna gets to the heart of the problem of our boredom with God. Ultimately it is us. She does not come off preachy, and one of the stories had actually me in tears. She is honest about her own complacency and writes in a way that has that “over coffee” feel to it. As if you are talking with your best girlfriend who you know you can be honest with without holding back. 
I think you will like this book and find it useful and encouraging if you fall into one of the following categories:
A. You are a Christian  girl or woman 
B. You are looking for inspiration for your faith
C. You are bored or uninterested in all things Christian
D. All of the above
Seriously, although this is an easy read it is not without thought provoking challenge and It does not feel like condemnation being heaped on your lack of zeal for spiritual things. Jenna definitely provides a few sparks to spur the flames of faith. She comes along side the reader and encourages them to dig deeper, and question themselves on why they are bored with God and gives suggestions on how to get un-bored . 
I would recommend this for tween/teen girls, small group book discussions and moms of tweens/teens.
I think it is never a bad thing to shake up our faith. Bored or not. 
Who knows, maybe my girl will eventually come around.

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