The ABC’s of Love (Part 1)

A Love Scrapbook I made for my  Sweet Valentine!

February is here. The month of Valentine’s, hearts, Cupid and love. February is also my husband’s birthday month. As I recently re-read the words I wrote in the dedication of this little album I made him after our first year of marriage, I had a surreal feeling. I had written these kind words about my husband. The words of praise and encouragement I had written in red ink took me back. Reminded me of earlier times. Times which owned their own unique challenges and trials; yet seemed more alive with hope and optimism. Our history. Our promise. Our commitment. Spanning almost three decades, starting with dedicated friendship; evolving into a marriage which took us by surprise like a slow brewing, but steady storm.
Remembering is what we need to do when the days grow long and the storm seems to be against us instead of the sweet, shower of love which poured out of us early on, awakening us to the plan we hadn’t planned but only pondered. Secretly. Separately. Until God spoke.

The phone call came.

“I have something I want to tell you, and I am not sure how you are going to take it.”
I reply, “Well of course you know we are friends, and you can tell me anything”.
“But, this is really serious”.

I pause, remembering the day before, God whispering to me in my moment of frustration with my friend, as he struggled to get the baby gate up. “You will marry him”. I looked at him sitting in the upstairs hallway wrestling, unaware of the silent conversation taking place in my mind and heart. “Him?” I walked down the hall glancing back at him looking so vulnerable cross-legged on the floor wrestling scrunch-faced with the gate and immediately came up with the list of reasons why this was ridiculous, preposterous and by the way, “No thank you, if you said that for real, Lord”. He’s my best friend. No. Besides that we also have been friends forever and we share all. Why would we want to ruin it with marriage? So many fears and bad thoughts I have about marriage as a daughter of divorce.

Yet there it was. I felt the feeling you get when you know God is standing right by your side, ready to steady you as He delivers His sovereignty right over the phone. There is no hiding from Him.
As the voice on the other end of the phone struggles for words, safely, gently broaching the subject which could forever change this friendship. For better. Or worse.

“Promise you won’t think I am crazy.”
“Go ahead, what haven’t we ever shared.” I am brave and scared. Yet confident of us.
Of what we have.
Crazy, really.

“I think God is telling me we should get married.”

If God hadn’t whispered, I know I would have laughed out loud.
If God hadn’t said it I would have told him he was crazy, outright.
But He had.
And it took my breath away as I felt the ball bounce into my court
and I retorted ever so quickly, without any outward confirmation:

“Well I think you better pray about that!”

He then proceeds to tell me about his recent revelation, consideration and extensive
seeking before even approaching me with what he felt he could not keep to himself any more.
“Are we OK?”, he asks.
“Yes, of course. Always.”
“That’s what friends are for, right?”

The conversation ended.
We promised to pick it up after we both took
some time to gather our thoughts and pray.
I went immediately to God and told Him that
His sense of Humor really at times can be a bit much.
Yet I was thankful for the heads up.

A friendship.
A promise.
A commitment.
A whisper.
A conversation.
A marriage.

It ain’t no fairy tale, dear ones, but it is our story.
Real. Life.
Who could make this stuff up?

Tomorrow, I will show you the inside pages 
of this special album
I made for my husband!

Promise to come back, OK?
See you then! 

“Unwrapping Love” today with Bonnie!
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9 thoughts on “The ABC’s of Love (Part 1)

  1. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story! Sometimes I look back at old notes to my husband, and also get the surreal feeling – I wrote that? Of course I'm glad I did. It is a nice reminder of what life as like when it was “just the two of us.” Something to think about in the coming days. Great post.


  2. Wonderful story. I too had a whisper from God about the man I would one day marry. Of course back then I did not recognize it as the voice of God, more of just a sense of knowing. You see I believed but had yet to know him. Now I can look back and recognize how he has been with me always.


  3. Dawn, I'm sorry its taken almost a week to get over here from the last link up, but I just wanted to say, this is beautiful. My husband is my best friend, but its not what I think of when I think of a friend. And now after reading your post, why should I not consider him my friend? I tell him everything, he knows my inner most secrets, he is my best friend as well as my husband. Thanks for helping me realize that.


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