Blue Monday

I have a fetish for these feet…


 These feet changed my life and seeing my sweet girl off to the 
Father-Daughter Dance this year was precious to me. 6th Grade. 
Although this week she struggled with a very bad cold, 
she made it to the dance. Each year is a milestone in my heart. 
My daughter’s feet hold me captive to their sweetness…
It must be so for every mother.
The power of a child’s feet.
Ammunition for the philosophy that states
 women lose brain cells when they give birth.
Um, dunno.
I gave birth to brilliance to become stupid. Ah, sweet joy of motherhood!

What’s Antibacterial Lotion got to do with it? Everything, baby! 
Have you ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding?
Remember the deal with Windex? Well, truth be told I have a similar belief about Neosporin ointment. I am convinced it can do and heal just about anything. I spent at least 3 out of 5 days this week searching for this amazing goo around the house. I use it for just about any ailment. This week the way things went I was ready to start ingesting it at the rate health was deteriorating around our humble abode. I did use it on my daughters earring hole which was threatening to close and searched for it for the cat’s little skin problem (it’s personal and she is quite modest-though it doesn’t show in this picture where she is rolling in catnip). It goes missing sometimes as Banjo actually considers it good eats! 
Ashley rolls with it…literally
Banjo, where is the Neosporin?
Don’t put on the innocent intellectual act!
Oh boy, this deserves a post all it’s own. Recovering Church Lady and I are joining our wee few brain cells that we have left after birthing our Brilliance through our uniquely wonderful offspring and basically are hoping to start a Blog Hop for those who have their own Brilliance hidden away in journals. If you keep a journal or have kept one before, this is your chance share a post from one and link up! We are working out details, and are very excited to do this together. She actually has done a few shares randomly from her journals before but we are hoping this will be a great opportunity to share with all of you and hoping you will join us! More details to come!
Look at her nice neat journal collection! Contrast this with
the messy pile on my page (top right)!
Needless to say we will hopefully use this for our Link Button!
We are in need of a button, if anyone knows how to make one for us, we would be very appreciative. 

See how I have no shame in asking.
This is where I am in life.
The worst you can say is no.
I have had so many No’s before that it holds no fear or power over me.
Plus I don’t get embarrassed easy.
Oh, and my winning streak continues. I won a $150 Gift Card for Amazon from Faithful Bloggers!
It was 1st Prize. I felt so blessed and surprised, again. I bought my daughter the iHome she had been wanting. Check it out. I am intrigued with the rotating dock. 20 seconds of cool.
Clearly, I need to get out more.
Here is my Psalm 119 Calendar Makeover Page:

A little “scrappier” makes me happier! 

As for me and my house we skip Superbowl in pursuit of a different ring. As in Lord of The…

That’s truly just the way that we roll!

Have a great week. 

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As always, linking up with Carissa at lowercase letters!
Check out her site and consider joining in on the
Miscellany Monday Madness yourself!

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10 thoughts on “Blue Monday

  1. Popped over from Miscellany Monday. 🙂 As a huge LOTR fan — the last one made me laugh out loud. And that's always a good thing.Love the baby feet pic. Those are such sweet memories. Love them. And, sigh, they do grow too fast!Blessings on your Monday.Rachel


  2. I saw the pictures of your daughter on Facebook and she looked so pretty! I made my own blog by following simple directions that I found on Google. You might want to try that! I couldn't even begin to tell you how I did it, but if I could follow the directions and get my button to work, I'm sure you could also!!! Enjoy your day and your blog hop!


  3. Hmm…random journal posts could be interesting. I just don't usually keep my journals. I fill them with all the painful stuff usually and once the poison's out I don't want it sitting around waiting to infect someone else. I'll have to look. Maybe there is something around…


  4. hopped over from Carissa's and this was such a fun read! I literally chuckled this whole post! Banjo is so cute in his spectacles lol! That nail polish color is awesome my Kelcee would love it she is all about sparkly pink and blue! Awww father/daughter dance melt my heart…I can't wait until Greg and Kelcee do that…I will for sure cry lol! I am the same way with my Kelcee's feet we have her feet on a special certificate from the hospital and her and I look at it all the time lol.hahahaha about the neosporin my mom is the same way with Cloroseptic spray I promise when I see that bottle of red stuff I start running lol. I am traumitized by it ha! I am laughing out loud you do the same with neosporin.You're idea sounds really cute and I love the way you roll…lord of the rings…awesome…xoxoSums


  5. As always, an awesome post for just another manic Monday. Those similarities just keep popping up — as soon as I saw those blue toenails, I thought of my own daughter, who is currently sporting that color polish. :)Well, dear Bloggy BFF, I don't know NUTHIN' 'bout birthin' no blog buttons, so I'm no help to you there. But what an awesome idea. I've got LOADS of filled up journals (and some only half-filled). I say go with your pic — I can truly resonate with your beautiful mess!LOTR – 4 Ever! <3Grace & peace, my dear,Pam


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