What Do a Clingy Elf and a Praying Mom Have In Common?

48 years and still”clinging”. May we do likewise! 

 This lovely and encouraging note was shared with Moms In Touch
group leaders- through New England’s Regional Director, 
Sharon Gamble, one of the loveliest ladies 
I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. 
Hidden away at the very back of my Christmas tree, hangs a little elf, his pipe cleaner hand clinging to a tree branch. He is a scruffy fellow made of pipe cleaners and felt and he is not in tip-top condition poor guy. You see, I made him myself 48 years ago in kindergarten! I know…why on earth has this guy not been thrown out? My mother admired my work of art years ago and faithfully displayed him each year. When I married, I brought him with me and he has graced each Christmas tree in our home since. He has become a family joke of sorts, but the tree would not be the same without him. ☺
      There are times in my life when I feel a lot like that elf. I am not in tip top condition and I am a bit wobbly, but I know my job and it is to cling faithfully, not to a tree branch, but to my heavenly Father’s hand. At a time of deep distress in my life, I found this verse in my Bible –“I, the LORD, have called you in righteousness; I will take hold of your hand…” Isaiah 42:6. These words are spoken to the Messiah, Jesus, if you read the verse in context, but at that moment in my life, the Lord told me He would take hold of my hand, too, if I would cling to Him!!
     I am the blessed recipient of a mother’s prayers. All my life, the mother who saved my elf prayed for me. She is currently in a Moms In Touch grandmother group and she continues to pray for me and my children! Oh! The prayers that have been answered over time as she and I have held on to the Father’s hand…
     This Christmas and into the New Year, dear mom, be faithful to pray for your precious children. Attend your weekly group meetings and cling together to the Father’s hand. There is no better place to go…especially when you feel a bit undone – like my little Christmas elf.
Have a Very Merry Christmas!!
You are loved! 
I loved this piece so much, it is so reflective of the faithfulness handed down through God to His praying Moms! And that is what a Clingy Elf and a Praying Mom have in common: A faithful God, answered prayer and a legacy of love remembered in a sweet reminder each Christmas! 
Thank you, Sharon- for allowing me to share your wonderfulness- here on my blog! Can’t wait until your next “special” visit! hint, hint… “Inspiring Women Series”! 

Sharon Gamble 

USA Regional Director-New England 

Moms In Touch International 

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4 thoughts on “What Do a Clingy Elf and a Praying Mom Have In Common?

  1. Well if you are a mom like me – we cling to God to help us raise those kids and the same thing when we are grandma's for our grandchildren – who can do it without Jesus? sandie and Merry Christmas


  2. What a wonderful post and reminder — to cling faithfully! We are always in His grip, and NO ONE can snatch us out of His hand!Thank you, Dawn.I was most certainly feeling His grip today. I'm doing well, by the way. Blue Gatorade has now been added to my list of liquids I never want to see or drink again (but I'm sure I'll have to)! Thanks for your prayers and for Isaiah 41:10 – again!At His feet,Pamhttp://pam-intheshadowofhiswings.blogspot.com


  3. You are indeed, very blessed to have a mom who is a woman of God. I did not and do not have that. It makes me sad on so many levels. It inspires me to be one for my daughter…even though she has fallen away. For now…I trust that one day my prayers will bring her back.


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