Just Another Miscellany Monday…

Hello, Dear Friends in the Blogosphere!

I am linking up once again for the most wonderful day of the week with Carissa at Miscellany Monday! As you already may know this is one of my favorite days to Blog. Usually. But, last night my dear Dad, was admitted to the hospital and that started the week off on a sobering note. You can see a pic and read a teensy bit about my Dad here: Let’s Here It For The Boys!, if you are looking for some blog loving read time today!
I visited him with my Step-Mom and he is his looking pretty good considering. He was in good spirits. My Dad is not a sit still kinda guy. He does not know the word retirement. He is 75 years young and still in demand as a self employed Plumber. Yeah, that’s my Dad, I love that guy, alright! He will bust out of that hospital, if they don’t release him tomorrow. Trust me on this. He comes from a long line of Sicilians that don’t take well to waiting….hmm, that sounds familiar. He is doing OK, enjoying the jello, and broth while watching Football. Believe me if he could not watch football they might have had an escapee on their hands. Just sayin’.

It has been an amazing reading week for me (the very slow reader), I finished The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway and also The Encounter by Stephen Arterburn. It has been a rich week in terms of reading. The Encounter had me page turning and in tears. It takes a lot for me to read through a book in two days. Not having a job, of course makes that easier!

 Which leads me to my next question for you…I have had time to consider this a lot since June. 

So, what do you think? What would you choose?

Lately, I contemplate why I actually did not stick with my original desire. Guess what it was? Come on, try? Give up? I will tell you: Journalist/News Reporter or Commercial Ad Writer (I guess this is actually called copy-writing but I am not sure). This was once I got the news I would never be a jockey at 64 inches already as a 10-12 year old.

Come on, go back- tell me what was your original dream profession? 

I had a lovely gathering with my Moms In Touch State Team and coffee with my very special friend Mary on Wednesday AND coffee with another very special friend, Lauree…let’s just say I have had a lot of coffee this week! More importantly, some good company to share it with! 

Mary and Me at Coffee Shop

I even had coffee with my puppy, 
Banjo here:

Which allowed me to catch the beautiful view below… 

BIG BLOG NEWS: I am amazed to say that the list of Inspiring Women has grown to include two major Christian Authors and I am so touched, encouraged and blessed that they are willing and ready to allow me the honor of interviewing them here on this blog! It is hard for me to keep it quiet, however, get ready to be impressed and blessed and INSPIRED of course! 
Maybe I should start considering some Inspiring Men to interview… hmm?

A Big Thank You to Recovering Church Lady, Susie Klein for her perfect portion for December. 
Last but not least my sweet hubs made the most beautiful decorations from some leftover greens from work!
He is so good at making things beautiful. I love that!

*I did receive my new “Silver” Blackberry Torch, yawn. 
I bought a new cover for it, however…AT&T is on borrowed time with this customer.
My “White” Torch is a memory.
So also, it seems, the last job possibility.
Time to cut loose, enjoy the holidays and set my eyes on the beautiful prize 
Jesus – My Joy of the Season!
I pray He is your focus and joy! 
Have a great week, friends

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6 thoughts on “Just Another Miscellany Monday…

  1. Hey Dawn,Glad to hear that your dad will be out of the hospital very soon (whether THEY actually release him or he escapes on his own)! You can't keep a good man down, especially those Sicilians. ;)LOVED the pictures, O how I wish I lived near the ocean, as you do. Such beauty and God's majesty practically right in your own backyard. I'm with Marja, can't wait to find out who it is you're going to interview!! Any hints?My dream profession(s) long ago and far away? A veteranarian, a record producer or a writer. Scrapped the pet vet after hearing how much longer I'd have to be in school (foolish, foolish girl) and was told that 'girls' don't become record producers (foolish yet again for believing that malarkey). So the closest I've come to the 3 is writing on my blog. Thanks for making Mondays (and Tuesdays, 'cuz that's what it is now) enjoyable!Grace & peace,Pam


  2. I'm beginning to think we may have been separated at birth. Growing up I loved all things horsey and would have loved to be a jockey, but I, too, was too tall by 10 or so (too bad I didn't keep getting taller after that). I went through phases of wanting to be a zoologist, archeologist, social worker, architect, and radio disc jockey before latching onto writing. I either wanted to be a magazine editor or a world-famous, globe-trotting reporter. I ended up being niether. I got half of a journalism degree and traded it for an M.R.S.


  3. Great post. I have wanted to write since I was 10. I did write for magazines and newspapers but was the single mother of 4 and the pay was awful. I went into advertising sales and really enjoyed that. Now with my kids grown I am living my writing dream. It still doesn't pay much…yet…I have faith…I just love all of your photos and your husband is great at decorating!


  4. Hi Dawn,Sorry I missed last week's link up. Sorry to hear about your dad, but glad to hear he is doing well considering. I love love coffee, what a beautiful place to wake up and enjoy and listen to God first thing in the morning. :)Heather From and Mommy Only Has 2 Hands!


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