Miscellany Monday and Me

Downtown Providence, Rhode Island: the street
where my husband and I met.

Monday’s are my absolutely favorite day to blog, all because of lower case letters “Miscellany Monday” link up. As some of you know, it really allows my ADHD gift to completely roam the blank page before clicking “publish”, without excuse. Oh, happy day. Oh, and for those of you who think I am joking I really was diagnosed with ADHD as a child before it was common. Especially for those of the female persuasion. I probably should write about that at some point. But NOT today, dear ones, not today! It has been an exciting week full of drama, anticipation and nonsensical circumstances (?). Shall we bring you up to speed so I can get back to work on my big, giant, lengthy, deep posts? Ha!

My Precious was actually the white version!

It was one full week without my “Precious”. I am trying to think positively about this but I can’t get beyond the insurance deductible and the reality of losing a phone I only had for 3 weeks at most. Not to mention that somebody else IS using my Blackberry white Torch with pink gel cover (OK, maybe said recipient of lost phone got rid of the cover IF the thief is a guy). Not that it should matter AT&T is sending me out a grey replacement. Ak! Who cares, yet , it’s the point – Gollum understands my pain!

On a more positive note, I had a “second”  interview for a job I actually really want, but am awaiting a final answer. Second interview with 3 of the team I potentially would be working with and the program head as well as direct supervisor. I have never been interviewed by 5 people before. Oh, for your amusement it started with me having to confess I had spilled a whole cup of coffee on myself prior to the interview. Um, How am I doing? Luckily, the spill went to my crotch area (black pants) and lower belly (purple and black long shirt). Yeah and I could stop right there and that would be a good sum up of the week! Despite all this the interview was less painful than it sounds. God is good. Prayers welcome. Limbo is so…limbo-ish. You are officially invited to celebrate or wallow with me depending on the outcome.

Our tree is up, it was nice to get it on Wednesday! Later than I like, but I will take it! Beauty, eh?
It is still naked. But I am fine with that since at this rate I will probably keep it up until February. Or ’til the needles fall off, whichever comes first. This is our CHRISTMAS tree, not our HOLIDAY tree, for those who may have heard the latest Rhode Island news involving our good Governor’s views ( I will BLOG it out if I can manage my tongue in a wise manner)

As per usual, life is full of lots of twists. I often get sidetracked in Bible Study. I am working on my “short” post for Psalm 119, and during an authorship query have gotten myself tangled in the life of Ezra. I am sure I will emerge victorious and I just need a few more days to finalize what I want to say about this great psalm!

Once a month Inspiring Women series announced!

Kicking off my Inspiring Women Series is just a wonderful adventure for me and I am so excited to share as the invitees respond and commit to the month that they will be visiting Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith with their own special portion. I will be conducting (all God willing) a couple of interviews, hosting Guest Posts, and sharing some inspiration & encouragement throughout the new year with some very inspiring women! I am praying this will be a blessing to many!

Stay tuned for more!

Best lesson of the week (possibly lesson of the month): It never hurts to ask! As a matter of fact I am getting pretty bold in this area, with God and people. While corresponding with a representative for a publishing company about an opportunity being offered, I just put out there as a request, to receive for review, the new Jesus Calling Devotional Bible, and guess what is on it’s way to my home this instant?
Thank you Thomas Nelson Publishing! I am looking forward to sharing my opinions with you all as soon as my hot little hands have a chance to touchy!

Last but not least here my hubby and I are in front of the place we met, which is now something else BUT we enjoyed having our girl take our pic in front of this little piece of our personal history! I actually was HIS boss, when we met. Ha and Ha. God has an incredible sense of humor, beyond comprehension, yes?

Happy Monday, Everybody!

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  1. How did you recover from spilling coffee all over yourself??? Amazing. I hope the job works out for you. The tree is really pretty. I like keeping our tree up without any decorations for a few days, just lights. Looks really pretty. Hope you're enjoying a good day! That Bible does look interesting!!!


  2. Wow, Dawn, you actually make Mondays something to look forward to now. It's like getting to sneak a peek into your life (I WAS going to say week instead of life, but while it would have rhymed, it would also sound corny as could be). But I love it. Your Christmas tree (YES, I said the 'C' word) is SO beautiful. Even without the decor. I bet it will be breathtaking once all the lights and ornaments are on. I've had a live tree maybe 3 times in my life, and really would love to have one again. Grace & peace,Pam


  3. Ok this post left me with a ton of nosey questions: Why/how did you meet on a street? You were his boss? What is the job? I moaned out loud at the news of losing a blackberry you had only 3 weeks! That is torture!! And 'my Precious” is perfect!Gorgeous tree! We used an artificial tree and pretty sure it is going in the garbage post Christmas. When a fake tree is shedding needles something is wrong!


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