Inspiring Women Series Announcement


 Did you say “Inspiring Women”?
Wow! I can’t wait to spread the news!
Tomorrow! Tomorrow? Yes, Tomorrow!

Dear Friends, I am excited to announce this next series which I will be launching “officially” tomorrow!
I am squirming in my seat, as tomorrow’s guest has already submitted her post and I am chomping a bit at the BIT to share it with you! I am overjoyed at this next direction in my Bloggy Experience and hope that it will bless, encourage and inspire you! Each month I am inviting one special guest to write a post, be interviewed or share a special something of their own unique portion for my friends here at Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith. I have diverse interests and I greatly enjoy the unique way God gifts each person and love to learn, share and hear about various perspectives from other women, especially those who truly inspire me. 
So stop by tomorrow for a very special Guest Post by an inspirational lady
 (who definitely INSPIRES ME!) who will share how you can think BIG for the New Year AND through the Holidays!
Do you want to catch a fresh vision for your life and be inspired for the season AND beyond?
Then stop back tomorrow for my first Guest in my Inspiring Women Series!

Shhh! It’s a SURPRISE! 

Oh – AND I will also be having my very first FREE GIVEAWAY! 
I pray you have all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and are continuing into the holidays with gratitude, peace and joy!

I am thankful today for the many women God has brought into my life, who have challenged, shaped, encouraged, inspired, molded, and impacted me in the ways that continue to influence me!
Thank you Lord for each of these:

Grandmother’s -unfailing love and faithfulness
Mother’s -sensitivity and compassion
 Great Auntie Pep’s- humor and easygoing nature
 Rita’s (Step Mom)- gracious heart, patience and thoughtfulness
 Aunt Mona’s Chili con Carne- (It is my one awesome dish!), and many happy memories & visits
Cousin Dionne & Maria- for the sweet childhood memories
 “Cousin” Penny -who was my childhood hero and role model, 
I so looked up to her and I always wanted her long red hair!
 “Aunt” Susan’s sacrificial sitting by the pool and making my Summers special
Grandma L ‘s thoughtfulness, kindness and generosity. 
Joyce L – The vision to help others still remains – you are my memory of what that looks like,
even though you  probably wouldn’t recall this troubled teen who you tried to reach out to! 
Elaine- A boss who made it personal, and made a difference
Mama Sharon – Wit, intelligence, friendship, business savvy, sacrificial giving – and a “fox”!
what didn’t she show or teach me? 
Do-Do – My love for classical music came from you, 
and you modeled well how to grow older with style and punch!
Philly- supported me in all, professionally and personally
Sandy O – A model of excellence, wisdom, grace, strength and beauty
Sharon T – The gift of time and listening she shared, one on one early mornings over coffee
Karen B– always positive, uplifting, encouraging and REAL!
Lori R – always supporting my motherhood, her smile, wisdom and tenacity are a blessing
Ruth G- Her laugh, smile, hospitality, gracious example and heart are such a gift to me, if I ever do grow up I want to be just like her!
I could keep going (this list is NOT all inclusive!) and I am sure you could list the ways you have been blessed by the prayers, input and investment of others IN YOU!
Make your own list, I promise, God will remind you of your own many blessings…

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  1. Hi Dawn, New to your blog from Thursdays Get Together blog hop. You have a wonderful ministry to encourage women … I look forward to following your posts. Hope you have a blessed week!


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