Merging Miscellaneous Thanksgivings

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Well, I am in love and Thankful for Miscellany Mondays, so let’s get started!
*Starting my day with Jesus Calling and still loving this devo!
*Thankful for answered prayer this week: Our family friend’s son was
transported to Boston for testing and emergency surgery after having a seizure- and thankfully
being revived with the AED equipment. The Doctors discovered and successfully
 closed a hole in the heart of the teenage boy.
Thank you, Lord!
*My daughter had a short school week and I was thankful for the time I got to spend with her.
We visited the dentist : No cavities- hooray!And also the Orthodontist- braces in a @ a year,
with possible tooth extractions: Boo- Hiss!
*My daughter and I enjoyed a sweet time at Barnes and Nobles & Starbucks,
stalking books and treats.
*Some of you know my hubby and I enjoyed a nice long walk on the bike path and
headed down a road less travelled…for some future “condo shopping”, as a friend called it.
Thankful for the time we shared laughing and pushing each others buttons!
*Thankful that my Cally girl, Sara is job hunting on the West Coast, and for our weekly
chats sharing life strategies, resume tips, prayer requests, latest job leads and new goals.
My West Coast BFF AND Cally Girl, Sara!
I miss her!
*No interviews this week, instead looked at two possible business opportunities: one small space with outrageous rent (strike), and met with a Studio owner about sharing/renting space at her establishment closer to the city. After my last experience – (can’t even link to all the posts @ this, as there are many) I am feeling very uncomfortable about doing business with the majority of humans on the planet…um, I know this means I need prayer and an attitude adjustment. Or a BIG healing. Prayers welcome, business partners and bosses…not, so much. Trying to keep an open mind.
*It has been a big Lord of The Rings weekend around this house!
This is my favorite movie. We watch all three a few times a year!
It is the epic battle of good against evil. My kind of movie.
My hub prefers Romantic Comedies. Can you stand the irony?
* I am overjoyed that I have a wonderful Interview and GUEST POST planned by a very inspiring lady- who I guarantee is going to bless you (and me!) just in time for the Holidays and New year!
I know I won’t be able to keep from telling you early as I am so excited and honored for her upcoming visit to my very own blog space! Trying to use a teeny bit of self -control here. Painful, truly painful! Oh, I am so thankful that she agreed and did I say how EXCITED I AM?

         Happy Monday friends, and remember the Joy of the Lord is our strength!
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4 thoughts on “Merging Miscellaneous Thanksgivings

  1. Beautiful post! That is funny about your Hubs liking rom-coms,me too! I read a blog the other day by a women who was embarrassed to admit she like Desperate Housewives TV show…..well I have to keep my secret well hidden that I do not enjoy TLOTR series of movies! Gasp, my Christian friends do not know this, don't tell ok? 🙂


  2. Wonderful things to be thankful for. My hubby and kids love Lord of the Rings. Each time we watch it, I fall asleep. I have yet to see a whole movie! Looking forward to your guest post! Enjoy your day!


  3. Glad for your answered prayer. Will be praying for your..ahem…attitude adjustment. Huh – believe me, I'm in need of one at least once a week, LOL. Stalking books and treats at B&N — sounds like my kind of fun! And last but not least: TLOTR series. Those movies have it all — action/adventure, romance (sigh and Viggo Mortenson: triple sigh), comedy (John Rhys-Davies is a hoot!), drama, mystery, horror (those Orgs…ugh!). I have all 3 DVDS, yet when I see they're on TV, I will park my behind and watch 'em again! Such a great post. Thankful for YOU, Dawn.Grace & peace,Pam


  4. Thanks for sharing your thankfulness. That is a sure fire cure for complaining, huh? I'm visiting you from Tough Cookie Mommy's Monday Mingle hop and following on GFC.


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