The Valley of The Shadow of Death

The Valley of The Shadow of Death

by Joseph Noel Paton

This rendering speaks volumes to me

without a single written word.

       Today I am THANKFUL to God for enabling many with various abilities with which they can express uniquely their faith and minister to others in this way. God is a creative God and His many beautiful attributes can be reflected through so many mediums. I am a lover of Words. I am not a great artist, but I so appreciate a person’s ability to create a beautiful piece of art. I am a big fan of religious art because I catch glimpses of God’s beauty and expression at different times with this form. Sometimes a piece of art can portray perfectly that which words strive to capture. God himself is the author of all Creation and the giver of gifts, talents and abilities. What a gift to be able to share our gifts, abilities, and talents for His glory!
     I wanted to share this picture which I found many years ago in a small art book. I have held onto the cut out for years but it has been missing in the piles of papers until recently. Remember the post I did for my Grandmother’s Birthday this past Saturday? Well as I searched through the old pictures, I came across it once more to my great joy.

This one picture truly reflects to me the relationship I have with my Lord.

I felt as though God just put it in my hands again as a special reminder of His love on my Gram’s birthday! I was overjoyed, since I could not remember the artist or the name of the picture, even to Google it. I knew it was famous enough. Well, now I have it and am sharing it with the Blogosphere in hopes that you may also be reminded of a piece of art (jewelery, picture etc.) which is special to you and so perfectly captures your love for the Lord or your special relationship with Him.

Thankful for Artists, of all persuasions for the way they are able to glorify God in their abilities!
I thought about this verse and how God gave people skills to create beauty for His Tabernacle.
…and he has filled him with the Spirit of God,
with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts
Exodus 35:31
The link for this piece of art and other works by this artist can be found here!

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  1. Dawn,I'm SO glad you found this picture. It was worth the wait and the hunt! I've never come across this before in all my searching for different art work of Jesus. It is beautiful.What a wonderful post, my dear. Thank you!Grace and peace,Pam


  2. I enjoyed this post so much. Hi! My name is Chrissy. I'm following your blog now. I'm here from The Weekly Book Blog hop hosted by Beck Valley Books. It's great to meet you!


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