The Top Ten Reasons My Husband Is Awesome

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The main reason I have challenged myself to write a top ten bulleted list of why my husband is so awesome is because he skims my exceedingly long posts (he semi-admitted this fact…after I quizzed him)! OK, he won’t admit it outright but I, his discerning wife, can wheedle out of him exactly what he read and what he skimmed over. Since I like to keep him on his toes, it is my good pleasure to check up on him. However since he has expressed point blank, my posts are too long – in his opinion- and I really wanted to honor him with a post that he would actually read every single word, I opted for a bullet list. That being said, I confess I am really bad at such lists, so this may exceed normal bullet list practice and standards. By a long shot. But here goes anyway…

Why My Husband is Awesome
1. He is strong.
Not the kind of strong you would assume. Exactly the kind that is quiet and enduring. I love his quiet, not “in your face” strength. He has what I call “persevering strength”. This kind is not about appearances but more like the strength that displays kindness and grace. It does not make a big, muscly, look at me statement. It stands back and observes, patiently and without consideration for self but with gentle consideration of another. 
2. He is opposite me in many ways. This is a challenge and great blessing, for us both!
I am like a wild cat. He is pretty much like a donkey (he said that himself, for real). I am teeth, claws and hiss and he is gentle, calm and forbearing. I want it done now. He is not in a hurry. I confront, yell and throw. He counts to 10 (X 10), walks away, remains calm. I work out, he hits the couch. I am quick to speak, he holds his tongue. I explode, he remains intact. He grew up a strict, close-knit Catholic family, I was raised by a single, working mom who embraced the liberal, popular views of the time. He is easy going, I am rough around the edges. You get the point. It goes on and on. God has a great sense of humor AND reason for how he matches up his children!
3.  He believes in me.
Well, he was silly enough to marry me after all! Although we don’t agree on lots of things we agree on the important stuff. Like the importance of our commitment to God and one another. Which way the toilet paper goes on the roll. The proper end to squeeze on the toothpaste tube and other such important details of life. He loves to brag about his wife at work, even though he is a very resistant to anything remotely resembling exercise or fitness. Before we got married he did buy Tony Horton’s Beach Body Videos with the best intentions, but they remained mostly unused! I love him anyway…
4. He is my BFF!
We got married on July 5, 2003. We met on July 5, 1983. We have been best friends longer than we have been romantically invested and married. We were best friends while we dated others. We have been there for every major event which has occurred in and for most of our lives. We know the good, bad, not so good and downright ugly. Our friendship has spanned almost three decades. He knows all my baggage and he gently unpacks it and lovingly sorts what is worth keeping from what is to be released.
5. He is always there for me…
From rescuing me from the throngs of party going friends, any time meetings for coffee, being on the receiving end of my practical jokes and madness, junk food feasts, to early morning beach adventures and last minute plan revamps. He has endured my Mat Pilates and Cardio-Ball training practice without me actually making the call to 911. He has endured bodybuilding and power lifting meets, with people in whom he had nothing in common, but me. How could I forget the Gold’s Gym years…when I believed every one I knew was a bodybuilder and just needed to be guided properly. Oh, yeah, he suffered that training…with much pain. Let’s just say after those early years with me, he is not a fan of the gym. I have grown as a trainer and person since those days. Thankfully. He suffered no permanent damage. Physically.
6. He makes me laugh.
Sometimes my husband thinks he is funny and I don’t think he is at all. But really, he can always make me laugh when I need it most. He always has a positive perspective and joke for me. He lightens me up. He balances my overly introspective, intense self and brings me silliness. We laugh together and it is our favorite thing to share. I love his sense of humor and the way he keeps me from imploding at times.
7. He is VERY brave.
Let me put it simply. He lives with three women. His wife, daughter (former nicknames: “Tiny Tyrant, The Queen of Everything, and The Littlest Witch) and his very outspoken Mother-in-law. Having said this is probably enough. But let me elaborate further: we are Italian. I think I need not say anything more as I might incriminate myself or others further. Ahem…
8. He is Patient….obviously.
He is very patient with me and my lack of Mrs. Brady-ness/Martha Stewart-ish. I really …well basically,  I am really bad at housekeeping. My mom used to call me Hurricane Dawn when I was younger. I really try but struggle with keeping up. He never complains and better still, he always helps with the stuff I hate most. That would be too long a list for this list so I will keep it to,  he washes floors and scrubs the tub. When I am really overwhelmed he will do just about anything to help make things better.
9. He is …wait for it….THE “S” WORD, drum roll build up :  Sensitive!
Living with three woman you figure, oh yeah- he is sensitive alright! He is tip toeing through minefields of a houseful of women’s issues and needs daily. But he grew up the third of four boys, in a sheltered and close-knit, Italian family. I met his mom, before I met him. She used to come into the Salad/Smoothie shop I worked as a young Supervisor. She actually got him a job there through my boss at the time and Lo and behold I (for a season) was his “boss”! But the fact is he is sensitive, thoughtful and sweet. I still like to Boss him around.
10. He reveals Christ to me in many ways (without  awareness or effort)
My hubs calls me a prophet at times. He does not always enjoy when I speak a word that comes to pass. At the same time, so often he models for me areas in which God wants me to grow. Gentleness, faithfulness, long suffering, humility. It is not always easy to take, yet I see Christ in him. Before we both had our conversion experiences, I saw something of a glimpse of the Lord wanting to lead me.  He led us into a faithful friendship. He led us into relationship with himself and He led us into our marriage. He led me to the man he knew I would be able to trust with my heart to marry. He continues to lead me through him in our marriage now. My husband shows me my Savior in the way he does the best that he can, daily sacrificing to provide, protect and keep his promises to those he loves. Faithfully. He is not always aware how God is using him, that’s OK. The fact is God does reveal himself, at times, through him. Praise God, the perfect Husband and Provider.
PS. (This is not # 11) He is an amazing cook AND baker.
So, this is a partial list of why my hubby is awesome! I challenge you today:
Make your own list!
Go ahead, my hubby is not perfect nor am I, but we do belong to the God who is perfect.
In Him, we live and move and have our being.
Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthythink about such things.
Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me,
or seen in me—put it into practice.
And the God of peace will be with you.
Philippians 4:8-9

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5 thoughts on “The Top Ten Reasons My Husband Is Awesome

  1. Ok Dawn….I'm going to be scathingly honest. I'm sure you've gleaned from some of my posts that my marriage is anything but happy. I cannot bring myself to make my own list. I don't know if I could get to five, let alone ten. Sad, huh? But I have to admit, normally, when I see things like this about husbands & marrieages anywhere…blogs, articles, chapters in books…I avoid them like the plague. Scroll to next blog post, turn the page, and sometimes, throw the book across the room. Fuggedaboutit!!! HOWEVER…because it was you (<3) I decided to read the entire post. And….I smiled like a fool through it all. Didn't get mad, didn't get teary-eyed, didn't get jealous, didn't throw anything. I just smiled. This was like a perfect valentine to your husband. Things like this are too often only expressed in eulogies at funerals. How wonderfully sweet you did this while he is alive to actually read it and know it! I learned a lot about your husband…and more about you. You are a beautiful couple. And I'm happy for you. Thank you SO SO much for sharing this. Oh, and tell your husband you're not the only one with LONG blog posts. Show him a few of mine…LOL!Joyfully,Pam


  2. I am a first-time reader and was intrigued by your title as I too have an awesome husband! What a wonderful way to honor and bless him! (I'll have to ask my husband if he skims or reads, though I often have him proofread, so hopefully the answer is reads!)


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