Promises to the Righteous (31 Day Proverbs Challenge Conclusion)

Every word of God is flawless;
he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.
~Proverbs 30:5

      Some of you took the Proverbs 31 Day Challenge this Summer and together we journeyed by faith to see what the Lord would show us :  Proverbs Challenge (31 Days: 8/22/11 through 9/21/11)!
Inspired by one of my readers, who also happens to be a sweet Sister in Christ and former partner in ministry, I took a walk back seeking the Promises to the Righteous as she pointed out to me in a facebook conversation. She gave me her list and I promised to dig and share the finds I gleaned. I love how the Lord so often, gives us friends in the faith who see and pick up on different things than we might see (Proverbs 27:17) on our own. Thank you, Angela, for allowing me an opportunity to dig deeper! That’s what our Christian friends are for! SO, as I went through ( I happened to be using the NIV exclusively for this) I made a list and I will be “checking it twice”, so to speak as I enjoyed so much going back through seeking these gems and those God showed me as I searched. I tweaked and added as some of the “promises to the righteous” seemed to be “Jesus Reflections” to me. Which means characteristic of Jesus based on the Jesus revealed in His word and ministry on earth- reflecting more a characteristic of Him than a promise to the righteous . This could also be that this is a promise that this characteristic will be evident in the righteous.  That being said I will keep some in this list BUT I will note them with a “*J.R”, meaning characteristic of Jesus from within or Reflective of Christ in manner/fruit). I hope that makes sense! Now, this is not exhaustive…I would love for you to share any Promises to The Righteous you have gleaned from Proverbs either in a different Bible version, or deeper word study.
Here we go!

I pray this list is a blessing and encouragement to you and inspires you to DIG DEEPER into the Word of God for yourself:
Promises to the Righteous in Proverbs
1. The Lord does not let them go hungry (10:3)
2. Blessings crown their head (10:6)
3. Their memory will be a blessing (10:7)
4. Their mouth is a fountain of life (10:11
5. Their wages bring them life (10:16)
6. Their tongue is choice silver (10:20)
7. Their lips will nourish many (10:21)
8.What they desire will be granted (10:24)
9. They stand firm forever (10:25)
10. Their prospect is joy (10:28)
11. They find refuge in the Lord’s Way 10:30
12. They will never be uprooted (10:30, 12:3)
13. Their mouth brings forth wisdom (10:31)
14. Their lips know what is fitting (10:32)
15. They are guided by integrity and delivered
by righteousness (11:3,6) 
16. Is rescued from trouble (11:8)
17.  Escape through knowledge (11:9)
18. The city rejoices when they prosper (11:10)
19. Attains life (11:19
20. Will go free (11:21)
21. Their desire ends only in good (11:23)
22. Will thrive like a green leaf (11:28)
23. Their fruit is a tree of life (11:30)
24. Receive their due on earth (11:31)
25. Their plans are just 12:5 *JR 
26. Their speech rescues them (12:6)
27. Their house stands firm (12:7)
28. Cares for the needs of His animals (12:10)*JR
29. Their root flourishes (12:12)
30. Escape trouble (12:13)
31. Is cautious in friendship (12:26)*JR
32. Hate what is false (13:5)*JR
32. Their light shines brightly (13:9)
33. Prosperity is their reward (13:21)
33. Eat to their hearts’ content (13:25)
34. Even in death they have a refuge (14:32)
35. Their house contains good treasure (15:6)
36. The heart of the righteous weighs its answers (15:28)
37. God hears their prayers (15:29)
38. They run to the safety of the Lord’s name and are safe (18:10)
39. Lead a blameless life and their children are blessed (20:7)
40. They find joy in justice(20:15)
41. The unfaithful and wicked are a ransom for them (21:18)
42. They give without sparing (21:26)
43. Brings their father great joy (23:24)
44. Though they fall they rise again (24:16)
45. Are as bold as a lion (28:1)
46. When they triumph there is great elation (28:12)
47. Thrive when the wicked perish (28:28)
48. When they thrive the people rejoice (29:2)
49. *Can sing and be glad (*29:6)
*Praise God for freeing us from the sin which ensnares!
50. Care about justice for the poor (29:7)*JR
51. Will see the downfall of the wicked (29:16)
52. Detest the dishonest and are detested by the wicked (29:27)
53. Victory is sure for them (1:7)
54. They will live in the land and remain in it ((2:21)
55. The Lord takes them into His confidence (3:32)
56. Their path is full of light that will shine brighter until the full light of day (4:18)
To say I have been blessed compiling this list would be a huge understatement.

May you be rich in the Wisdom that is in Him!
Colossians 2:2-3, Proverbs 2:1-10
…the righteous are as bold as a lion.
~Proverbs 28:1

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