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Out with the old and in with the new!

Talk about your perfect timing and God’s Providence. As a new blogger I couldn’t help but notice that my Blog-Site was lacking a few bells and whistles. It’s not that I wanted it to be the biggest, baddest Blog Spot in the Blogosphere, I just felt like there were some things I did not know how to make happen in this brave new world. Enter Heather ( http://www.creative-bliss.net/ ). She had made a post which I happened to catch on a Christian Bloggers network site (Facebook) that she would be taking on a handful of free Blog re-designs or new blog designs to kick off her latest endeavor in the Blogosphere.
Funny, I had just sent an e-mail for a price quote on  having a a Site Button made. However,since at the moment I am not working (just happily blogging away) I really did not think it was fair to be investing in what is currently a free enterprise, and an (sigh) exceedingly gratifying pastime. Not to mention the fact that there is not an excessive demand for a site button for my Blog at this time. Ok, let’s be real: forget demand, not even a request. In other words, I am pretty sure my Hubby (gracious, generous and kind though he is) was not going to appreciate me finding new and exciting ways to Bling my Blog at this point in time with some rationalization, “But Honey, Everybody in the Blogosphere has a Button for their Blog”. Well to my great surprise, I was one of the recipients who happened to be in the right place, at the right time and before I could say “Bling”, my blog went from something that was coming along to looking like something I dreamed. Can you hear the music ? Listen, it’s Cinderella playing in the background: “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”.

 This current faith journey God has me on is truly full of surprises! Heather listened and created my new site design with attention to the details and vision I could see in my mind but not produce myself. I love the new look and even got my own cute little Site Button. So, hey grab, one if you’d like! I am still “dreaming” about tweeking some of the details and parts of the site are under construction, but take a peak and also check out her work on her site (below)! When I return to my full-time profession in Fitness I will be letting Heather work on my site, God willing! If you are looking for a fresh new design, stop by and visit!
One final giant thank you to Heather, for all and especially for my “rock” signature!

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Dawn Paoletta is the author of Journaling for Discovery and Delight. Her writing is included in several anthologies and her poems have been included in the Wickford Poetry and Art Exhibit and Books. Dawn is currently working on her next book. Inquiries at dawn.paoletta@gmail.com

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