Sometimes It’s Scary

Have you ever been venturing into uncharted territory in life, happily plodding along trusting God, figuring faith has you covered when all of a sudden 
POW:  fear clobbers you like an iron pan to the head and suddenly amidst the stars circling around, you remember that you have no business in this new, unknown land anyway and you better get your tush straight on outta here before something worse happens. Yup, that was me as I perused some wonderful Faith Blogs and considered some guest contributing opportunities to share, learn, network and grow. All of a sudden I was reading the details and suddenly I went from inspired to downright conspired against! I felt like I had just seen those “Giants” that were “Grasshoppers” in Joshua’s & Caleb’s eyes. I FELT like the grasshopper in a land of giants and suddenly my portion seemed very small. Well if that isn’t enough to send me running right to my Father’s feet I don’t know what is. I need to remember that with the Lord with me I can do all things through Him. I think this is an important verse to cling to when I am stepping out in faith following Him. I need to understand there are times when it might seem scary. I think back to Israel’s history and so often they were looking at scary circumstances. But they also saw the Lord their God make a way where there was no way. I feel these days I am on a similar journey. Do I hearken back to the familiar, comfortable and known safety of the past or do I continue to step out and see God’s mighty hand provide, guide and lead me into a new place of faith and life I have not yet known. I do not have answers yet. Just hints, whispers and a path I have yet to see clearly. The result of this is my eyes are on the One who leads. I dare not take them off of Him, because this is what He desires of me. This is the only way for me to “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway”, as the title of a book I read years ago by Susan Jeffers states. This is the path I must follow. It is an unknown path to me but not to the One I am following.
May I keep my eyes fixed on Him as He leads me. May I be found faithful. May I fight the good fight and bring glory to His name, not by power, nor by might but by His Spirit. May your fears, friends, also fall by the wayside in the light of His Truth and Holy Power.
  May all your perceived giants be but the grasshoppers they truly are when you realize, accept and acknowledge the God of the Universe is standing by your side. Let us walk into this uncharted territory together, by faith into the beautiful land filled with milk and honey that the Lord is calling each of us to.
Words of encouragement from THEN for NOW and ALWAYS: 
Numbers 14:5-9,
Deuteronomy 31:6, 8,
Philippians 4:13, 3:13-14
Psalm 56:3-4

Take a deep breath of faith and press on to your own high calling!
Enthusiastically Yours,


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  1. Wonderful post. I find a lot of doubt comes when I start comparing myself to others, especially when blogging- but being faithful and following the path God has you on (or is taking you to) is an incredible feeling. Good for you for being candid enough to admit your struggle- and persevering anyways!


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