Some Build Empires, Some Build Lives

I have been thinking a lot lately about what is really important to me with regard to choices. I mean like why I do the things I do and considering why other’s may do what they do. Since I am not going to presume that I know what is in the heart of another- I believe to do so is a bit arrogant for anyone to attempt. There is only one who knows the motives of men (and women) and I can speculate all I want, but seeing as I am not God there is always the chance I may not know the “one thing” that would shed light on a situation, person or circumstance and that is reason enough for me to direct my magnifying lens on myself and no-one else as intensely. Besides if one seeks to understand another, one must consider possibly changing a perspective they are holding onto which they may not want to let go of…case in point: when I seek to understand another – I have to be open to be changed, to forgive and be forgiven, to accept them even though I may not agree with what they believe. To compartmentalize is to trivialize another. It is to say: I don’t want to be touched by you. I am separate and superior. To say I am one way professionally and another personally is hypocrisy. A lie. This theme keeps coming to me these days: You are who you are all the time. I refuse to buy the lies that tell me my work, personal, community and spirituality are separate. If you are a compassionate person, it is reflected in ALL areas. It may vary how it is brought into each realm BUT you will be consistent. If you are gracious, it will be evident for all to see in each realm, in varying ways but there will be evidence. But if you are full of selfish ambition, willing to compromise your values, use people for your own gain and see them only in light of how they can benefit you…then that is who you are. Maybe you can see that is who you were as you learn to walk in the ways of truth, I know it has been my way many years ago and I have done many things with wrong motives before learning to walk in the way of the Master. I am still learning. I don’t care whether someone is a “Christian” or not, as I have met many who walk in integrity and believe me (sorry to say) they were not Christian. You know some Christians aren’t even available to be used because they are so sidetracked by any number of things that hold them entranced in this life. Sometimes the way they think is so completely detrimental to their availability to the Holy Spirit. Now don’t get me wrong I am not here to bash my Brethren. I am for the Body, not against it. But the fact is we have to “stay awake”, friends to the leading of the Lord in the common details of life. Anyway this is getting me off track because my real focus is not about Christians being available (that’s a blog for another day) but for those who spend their time building something for today while neglecting that which will be truly significant in eternity. I wonder, are you busy building your own empire (everybody serves you) or are you busy building a life? Are you available to those in your life who God has placed there? Or are you so busy building your empire that you don’t have time to build into the life God has given you as well as the others He desires you “build life” into. I know that at different times God has brought specific people into my life that He has wanted me to be available to serve, love and know. I have to be willing. I have to be available. I have to set aside my own “building plans” and ask if God wants me to serve this one right before me. I have found that it is often not the person I would choose but maybe someone it is going to take a God- sized stretch to embrace. But I will also tell you I see miracles on a regular basis. I see amazing things and live in the realm of the super-natural where every day holds the possibility of divine intervention and power! Why would I want to settle for an empire when I can live forever in a Kingdom that was and is and is to come? I can think of many examples of prominent people spending the majority of time building that which they thought would bring them security, happiness, freedom. Instead in the pursuit they lost that which was the most valuable. Choices are hard when we are unsure about what is most important to us. Sometimes we forget what is most important because we allow so many other influences to taint our ability to hear clearly our conscience and the small voice within. I am grateful that when I can’t see or hear clearly I have a God that “has my back” and front and sides. I feel like I have said this before but it is true and it so resonates with me. Sometimes he has to pull something from my tightly clenched fist just so he can replace my tiny little empire with the life he has for me. Oh, did I mention, it is an abundant life? He is not scrimpy. You would think the way I cling and refuse to let go, that the King I serve is stingy. But it is not so! It is the daughter of the King who is need of change. So I let go. I enjoy the beauty of the flowers and take in the salty, sea air. I let go of the tiny little empire I was clinging to and trust the one that said, “I am The Way, The Truth and The Life”. After all He is the King! We do not know the length of our days…consider your choices. Live for your King and serve Him well, friends and in doing so you will build something more magnificent than an empire…and something of everlasting value.
In the meantime I myself am digging beneath the surface and enjoying the journey! I pray you are, too!

Enthusiastically In His Grace,

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