The Comforter

Ashley, one of our fur girls, as she yields herself to The Comforter.
One morning I stepped out of my bedroom in the still darkness of pre-dawn to make my way to the coffee pot and onto a quiet time, when I realized my daughter was not in her bed but snuggled up quite contendedly in the large, puffy comforter on the couch, where she had nested herself the night before. It was one of those moments when you see your child sleeping so blissfully and deeply, you just have to stop and savor the moment. It was one of those tender “Mommy” moments where you just gaze at that sweet, angelic face and wonder how in the world have they grown to take up most of the couch, when you can remember gazing at that same precious child while they were snuggling peacefully, pressed against your chest.
Or you remember them sleeping and how you couldn’t stop watching them…
and checking to make sure they were still breathing.
How you hung on the breath they breathed as they slept so soundly.

Well in that moment I found myself also thinking about that Comforter. 

It is actually one of my favorite blankets in the house. It is both heavy and yet light enough to not bog you down. It is the kind of Comforter that you just want to wrap up in and take a rest, knowing you are covered, safe and secure. It’s big enough, and soft yet, durable- strong. That Comforter which was wrapped around my daughter that morning ushered me into my quiet time as reflected how my God is like that Comforter and that Comforter is like my God. As I held that picture of my daughter wrapped in that blanket in my mind and reflected on how much God wants to wrap around us with His everlasting love and bring us the rest, peace, and security that only He can give. How he covers us in his love and just like that comforter not only does he cover us but he gives us rest from the weariness of our wandering hearts. He comforts us with His mercy and faithfulness. This was such a beautiful reflection to me of the peace he gives to His children. I could see that sweet face resting, contented and it ministered
God’s grace to me that morning.

Oh, how I want to be daily surrounded by the Comforter 
who truly brings comfort and gives rest.

Consider His love, my friends. His mercies are truly new every morning.
Here are some verses I meditated on about this –
 but there are so many more! Taste and see that the Lord is good!

Isaiah :49:13, 51:12, 66:13
2 Corinthians 1:4, 7:6
Psalm 119:76, 52
Well, until next time I pray you will keep Digging Beneath The Surface,
Enthusiastically Yours,
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