My Journaling Roots: Books on Journaling

  Today, I’m reaching back in time and sharing my strongest journaling influences. In my early twenties, I worked full-time in the fitness field as a Personal Trainer, and Fitness Instructor. Eventually I  held the position of Personal Training Director, helping to mentor and train up and coming staff and other fitness influencers in thatContinue reading “My Journaling Roots: Books on Journaling”

Gifts for the Dreamers, Writers and Otherwise Creative Friends on Your List

  I got a message earlier this week from a friend inquiring about “journaling” gifts and asking for my suggestions. She gave me a brief description of who she was buying for and wondered what I would specifically recommend. Well, shopping with other people’s money is my joy! Even if only in my head. OpinionsContinue reading “Gifts for the Dreamers, Writers and Otherwise Creative Friends on Your List”

Seasons of the Writing Life: Season 3- Cultivate

      This morning I finally sat to work on a poem I wrote for inclusion in a local anthology. As I looked at the piece, I began to change, add, remove, re-read and reconsider my words. I had already done this at least twice if not three times prior, but today, finally, IContinue reading “Seasons of the Writing Life: Season 3- Cultivate”

4 Seasons of the Writing Life: Season 2-Create

    As we move through the four seasons of The Writing Life, I think it is a good idea to keep in mind the fluidity of each and continuing overlap.  I think in the  next two seasons of writing this is most clearly experienced, although we move back and forth between the seasons inContinue reading “4 Seasons of the Writing Life: Season 2-Create”