Random Journal Day Post 1 (3/31/12) Blog Hop/Link Up

Rum Pinkspiration- my wedding bouquet inspiration ! This journal entry comes from what could be called The Engagement Journal.  It is full of all of our premarital preparations.The bouquet picture was used as the inspiration for my own wedding bouquet. This entry is dated 8/31/02.  The pictures below are of the cover of the journalContinue reading “Random Journal Day Post 1 (3/31/12) Blog Hop/Link Up”

Random Journal Day Weekend Link Up 1

Hi Friends!Remember a while back when I mentioned that Susie from Recovering Church Lady and I wanted to host a link up for journal writing. We both are journal keepers and bet a lot of our Bloggy friends are as well. Well we are taking flight and hoping you will join up in this jointContinue reading “Random Journal Day Weekend Link Up 1”

Bunnies, and Kitties and Gummy Bears, Oh My!

Join me for breakfast and coffee on the back deck? I am feeling oh, so random this week… So I will just go ahead and roll with that! My attitude is best reflected in this  30 second video today: Yes, she ate the whole thing! It was nice enough to have quiet time outside again,Continue reading “Bunnies, and Kitties and Gummy Bears, Oh My!”

Seeing Through New Eyes

Image Credit There is a time for everything,     and a season for every activity under heaven Ecclesiastes 3:1 Today I want to ask you how is your baby? What baby, you ask? The one that is being formed in you now. I am not talking about a human baby…unless of course you are pregnantContinue reading “Seeing Through New Eyes”