200 Day Journal-Prompt 72

As we head into the fifth week of our journaling journey – SEE the layout of the land- and prompts schedule here, I hope you are taking at least a few minutes each day to check in with your journaling practice. Or maybe you need to just schedule some dates with yourself in your plannerContinue reading “200 Day Journal-Prompt 72”

200 Day Journal – Prompt 70

Are you ready for weekend journaling? DO you find it easier to journal on the weekends or harder? When do you make the time to sit down, reflect and write for the sheer pleasure of discovering your own thoughts and voice despite the onslaught of thoughts and voices coming at you from every direction? IfContinue reading “200 Day Journal – Prompt 70”

200 Day Journal – Prompt 69 and a Bonus

Welcome, Welcome, I finally made it and not a moment to soon…or too late I should say. Well it was bound to happen. But here we are, I hope you are ready to have a 10 minute journaling session with one of the prompts I have for you. Prompt 69- Food is the universal languageContinue reading “200 Day Journal – Prompt 69 and a Bonus”

200 Day Journal Prompt 68

Prompt 68: No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.~ Aesop Open your journal to a fresh page, ready your pen, and consider your options… Journal about a time you did something completely unknown to anyone but the One who sees all. Write about the memory of it with as much detailContinue reading “200 Day Journal Prompt 68”