Battling Depression with a Notebook (RJD January 2014)

I usually try to share from older journals, but recently I have been sharing, occasionally, from current journals as well. Generally speaking, I always, ALWAYS, keep one continuous ongoing journal. I carry it everywhere I go (most of the time) within reason, and it is a constant companion, capturing my thoughts, prayers, ideas, random poems, quotes etc. It is a springboard and sponge, allowing ideas to jump forth, and also be absorbed.

Occasionally, I keep additional journals. I just laid to rest my 1000 Gifts journal, which I also continuously added to on a regular (not always daily) basis.

Last month, as I struggled not to be swallowed by a difficult season, I grabbed this small notebook, to carry for November, in hopes of staying grounded in good despite feeling I was sinking into a mud-hole.

It is just a random smattering of what emanated positivism to me. I felt negative…I battled discouragement with simple torn and cut paper, and 5 things I could be grateful and over which to rejoice.

Truly, it is a “scrap” book! From scraps, I hung. It sounds silly, right? But when the darkness desires to swallow us hole, the smallest glimmer of light can keep us from the abyss.

A word that brings a smile…rip it out, glue it down. 

A picture that makes the heart beat, hopeful…snatch it up, paste it in!

A phrase that resonates…capture it and keep it close, right before your eyes.

There are seasons we need reminding…and sometimes the simplest reminders of good, hope and encouragement can come in cut pieces of paper, glued down on paper, in a notebook, that keeps us believing we can get through one more day. We see God, still is in it…but we must discipline ourselves to SEE. Open the eyes. It can be a difficult time, but is He with us? Do we have reminders of His love, faithfulness? Yes!

Grab it, hang on to it, cling to the good! The bad will always be there…we must discipline ourselves to seek the good, in the small, mundane and everyday. Sometimes that might just be all we need to hang on. Sometimes a little notebook can be a small tool to help win the battle with discouragement, depression and dark days.

I want you to know that as I did this, it went against everything I felt within. I did this because it was needful. I needed to be do opposite of what circumstances looked like AND what I was feeling.

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Happy New Year and 1st Random Journal Day -Link Up of 2014!

Welcome to the first Random Journal Day of 2014! 

Let’s get this party started…

If you are new here, please check out the DETAILS, and feel free to jump right on in. 
We are a small but faithful community who like to share our hearts on paper, and our words with one another. Please, know your heart is safe here. 
Next, if you could share this post and invite other fellow Journal Keepers who you believe might enjoy this monthly gathering, I would be grateful.
A tidbit for you all: This is the 37th gathering of this Random Journal Day Link-Up! 
All kinds of Journals are welcome here. We are primarily a word loving bunch, but we so appreciate, and are inspired by those who share their Art Journals. I tend to incorporate a bit of scrap-booking, collage, doodling and all in my journal, but primarily write. We are richer in the diversity of sharing! 
Occasionally we are blessed to have Patsy from HeARTworks link up her lovely, inspiring combination of words and scripture. 
Please know that you can leave perfectionism at the door! 
We share our wonderfully imperfect pondering on paper, prose and art, here and rejoice together along the journey. 
My dear friend, Stacy from I Carried A Watermelon let me know about this wonderful project, which I am jumping in and stretching myself again. Kind of reminds me of the Daisy Yellow ICAD Challenge, I participated in! I so enjoyed making art on index cards this summer. Well this is a wonderful combination of art, creativity, writing and journal keeping so if you want to check out the Root 30 Day Journal Project, head on over there now. BUT wait…don’t forget to link up from one of your journals back here! 
Lisa Sonora Beam is hosting: Root-30 Day Journal Project

Join us every First Friday of the month – link goes live at 12 AM…but since it’s the 1st gathering of the New Year, I’m gonna let it fly early. I look forward to peeking into your journals! PS, so excited it is snowing here in the East tonight! 
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The One

Butterflies, birds,
blanks and lined
I sought the best,
that I could find
I carried each
away with me
to peruse alone
while sipping tea
thirteen virgins
stacked high-
and I
beheld and touched
till satisfied
the one to be
receiver of 
every epiphany
confidante, companion, lover, friend
perfect match for my favorite pen
I love them all
to the very end
then I toss each aside,
I won’t pretend
thirteen narrowed 
down to 
this search for the next 
is finally done. 
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Quote Journal (RJD Link 9/13)

This month for Random Journal Day I thought I would share my Quote Journal.
Who doesn’t love a well turned out verse? We all have our favorite quotes, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to keep them? Well, that is exactly why I keep a quote journal. OK, honestly, I am inconsistent with this one since I usually write whatever quote strikes me in my regular daily journal, but sporadically I make an effort to capture them to this place. So here are a few from the pages of my quote journal. I hope you like them. I think I will make an effort to be more vigilant in filling these pages in the days ahead; Then I will share with you a follow up post with new treasures. I hope you can read my journal writing. I have also included a few from the journal that are not pictured. Feel free to share a quote with me that I might add to my Quote Journal in the comments section. 
Happy Writing, fellow Journalers! 

Be virtuous: not too much; just what’s correct. Excess in anything is a defect.
Jacques Monvel
The more one judges, the less one loves.
Honore de Balzac
A man who is intimate with God will never be intimidated by man.
Leonard Ravenhill

The wide world is all about you; you can fence yourself in, but you cannot forever fence it out. 
J.R.R. Tolkien
We live by God’s surprises.
Helmut Thielicke

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Why I Journal (RJD Link Up July 2013)

First things first!
Welcome to a peek into my journal. Before I let you peek, I want to make sure you know about our monthly Journal Writers Gathering here in the blogosphere. It’s called Random Journal Day and is hosted by Yours Truly and partner in crime  all things writing, Susie of Recovering Church Lady fame. 
We share a bit from our journals stashed…we reach back and look at those pages, randomly (or not so randomly, ahem.) choose something to share, and link up! If you haven’t joined us, we’d love to have you. It can be just the tiniest bit of your heart from the pages of your journal…or more! The first Friday of the month is when we gather.
But meantime, please feel free to join us. 
We really don’t bite. Actually we are a loving bunch! 
This is why I journal. I pulled this small journal from my shelf, and had no recall of ever writing this passage. But the words and the irony are not lost on me. This little impromptu paragraph was written on July 12, 2005. I was still in the closet with my writing. I did not know about Facebook-did it even exist, yet? I had never heard of Blogging. Seriously. I was HomeSchooling my then  5 year old girl, and we had just moved to a new home in a rural area of Rhode Island. Yes, they exist. 
As always I wrote in my journal, regularly like breathing….
Still do.
The fact is we forget. 
We forget the miracles and mundane. 
The big promises we make to God and ourselves. 
But when we journal…write these things down, they find us and remind us. I have never stopped this habit, since childhood, my life story is found on pages bound, scribbled, set aside and revisited in time again to recall all that matters, that I otherwise forget.

July 12, 2005

Lord, I’m not sure why this came to my mind
 but I just want to offer up my gift and love
 of and for writing to you-
Lord use it as you will.
I surrender the “rights” to it 
and accept it as a tool and vehicle
 for you to touch lives with- 
for your pleasure 
and in your power, grace, mercy and love-
for Christ’s sake,
In His name- Amen.
As I read this, just this week, July 2013, I thought to myself, what a powerful reminder.
I need to remember the words I penned in my journal in 2005 – SIX years BEFORE I ever shared my writing through blogging as they apply to my writing life now and in the future! 
Be sure and stop by to see what’s being shared and share from your own journal if you dare! 
Come on, DARE! I double dog DARE you! 
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