Jenny Penton on Planning and Purpose + E-Book Giveaway! (Inspiring Women Series)

This month I am kicking off a monthly series called “Inspiring Women” and I am very excited about the wonderful women who will be sharing here at my little place in the Blogosphere!  My first inspiring Guest is Jenny Penton and I am so excited she is here because I love her vision for women as wellContinue reading “Jenny Penton on Planning and Purpose + E-Book Giveaway! (Inspiring Women Series)”

Inspiring Women Series Announcement

                                     Did you say “Inspiring Women”?Wow! I can’t wait to spread the news!Tomorrow! Tomorrow? Yes, Tomorrow! Dear Friends, I am excited to announce this next series which I will be launching “officially” tomorrow! I am squirming in myContinue reading “Inspiring Women Series Announcement”

"I Am That Woman" on Trailing After God

1993 in Florida “posing” for a professional photographer at a physique show. Well friends, today I am thankful to guest post on a sister’s Blog. Please check it out and be sure to let me know what you think! Thank you Melinda Todd for the opportunity to share my heart and also for being the courageousContinue reading “"I Am That Woman" on Trailing After God”