Random Journal Day #56 with Sylvia Robertson

    Welcome to Random Journal Day! I am sorry this post is a bit late today, but would you believe I was trapped in an elevator? With a vampire? Um…yeah, NO. Would you believe I’m late because the Great Pumpkin  actually showed up? Um…yeah, NO …again. OK, I am sorry I am late. IContinue reading “Random Journal Day #56 with Sylvia Robertson”

Random Journal Day #54 with Nicky Stade

  Welcome to Random Journal Day – September! Today, I have a super-duper special guest for you. OK, all the Featured Journal Keepers are special and inspiring, but this here Journal Keeper is one of my favorite Planner Pals! As many of you now know, I have quiet the affection for all things plannerly, includingContinue reading “Random Journal Day #54 with Nicky Stade”

Random Journal Day #52 with Featured Journal Keeper Christine Miranda

  Happy 4th of July Weekend! This is the first Friday of the month which means it is time for Random Journal Day which is happening all weekend through Monday! Maybe we should re-name it Random Journal Weekend. Today, I am very happy to have a friend who is from my own Home State, althoughContinue reading “Random Journal Day #52 with Featured Journal Keeper Christine Miranda”