How To Satisfy Your Thirst (5 Minutes for Faith)

In a recent attempt to draw closer to the Lord in prayer through fasting, 
I pondered the most basic of all needs.
Our need for water.
It seems obvious that we need water, of course. And who can argue with the reality that our body is made up of 60-75% water. Roughly 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Water is vital to every living form of life.Water is needful for our survival. Take away water completely and you have roughly 3 days to live, because the physiological functions of your organs will fail.
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On Savoring the Good @ 5 Minutes for Faith

I am over at 5 Minutes for Faith today sharing a bit of what God has been working in me recently. Instead of sharing a piece of that story- although the lesson is related to my message there, I thought I would share a bit about the picture I used in the post.

On our recent family vacation to Maine, this mama and her 7 ducklings became a springboard for God’s messages and ministry to my heart. You see the owner of our cottage explained that this particular mama had nine babies, but the foxes had gotten two. Now there were a number of duck families about the lake we stayed but there was something about the freshness of these babies and the way they made their way every morning and evening by our cabin that was significant, tender and oh, so sweet. We found ourselves looking for them and I began to measure God’s faithfulness daily by the assurance of those 7 baby ducklings rummaging through the berries in front of our cabin each morning. Then one day after a rainstorm, they did not return. Coincidentally we were experiencing some unexpected disruptions and discord in our vacation plans. I found myself feeling extremely sad and down, and the feelings seemed magnified by the absence of those sweet babies and their mama.

There are times when all of our circumstances seem to magnify the bad side of things in our lives.

 But God longs to be our Good. Always.
He is good even when things are bad. 
And there are times when they, in reality are- 
BUT He remains the same Good God. 

Ironically, the weather cleared. Blue skies returned as did our mama with her 7 baby ducklings. You know, friends…God knew I needed to see His faithfulness in a special way and the return of blue skies and ducklings reminded me of the hope I have in Him, in all circumstances.

I know God wants me to learn to really savor the good so that in difficult moments I am not overwhelmed by despair. To savor is to pause and recognize in the present moment. It is a powerful reckoning. We so easily can lose perspective, miss the small gifts that God lays in our path daily. He reminded me ever so faithfully this vacation, to savor the good. Recalling in all of my moments His faithfulness. His hope. Remembering that He is Good, regardless of the weather, or circumstance.

So today’s message is brought in part to you by the Mama and her 7 ducklings. 
I would love it if you joined me there!

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My Just Desserts (5 Minutes For Faith)

Hi Friends, I am over at 5 Minutes for Faith today sharing a post titled:
  All I Needed To Know ABout Life I Learned From Dessert!

Yup, that’s all I’m tantalizing you with today.
You know you want to go over and have a taste, don’t you?

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On Days It Pays To Walk Away (5 Minutes for Faith)

If you caught my post earlier this week, titled Surfside with the Savior, for Wordless Wednesday, you had a heads up about where my head has been this week. I also alluded to the fact on the Facebook page that I would be writing more on the topic for my gig at 5 Minutes for Faith this weekend.
So without further adieu, surf’s up, my friends- I pray this message today is as refreshing to you as it is to me! Here we go!

I pulled into the beach parking lot at six in the morning.
 I knew that my regular walking partner would not be there, 
but another friend had mentioned joining me,
 so I made sure to show up. 
I sat in my car, opened the small devotional I had brought along 
for just such a waiting moment and I waited…continue reading.

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On Learning To Honor My Mom at 5 Minutes for Faith Today…

I came into Christianity with baggage in hand.
Actually dragging a baggage cart is more like it, loaded with an assortment of luggage, full of issues, pains and beliefs that had to be gently unpacked, sorted and released.
One of those issues my God wanted to address, was my tumultuous relationship with my mother.
As I studied His word and sought His truth, it wasn’t long before I started to realize this particular suitcase was full of complex memories, emotions and expectations.
It was the bag that was overstuffed, crammed and locked painfully tight…continue reading how I learned to honor my mother.
Please join me at 5 Minutes For Faith to read the rest of this special post in the series “Lessons I Learned From My Mother”.

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